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Week #31 - 'Silly Rockets fc.' Take Final Five Game Lead

Published: 29 April 2022

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The Premier League has now scheduled all this season’s outstanding fixtures. This means we have been able to make the final updates to the Golden Boot Game calendar for this season. Additional fixtures and the FA Cup Final mean we will have two more Thursday night finishes in the final three Weeks but each will precede a Sunday start to the following Week. All we need now is for our selected strikers to do their job and score goals to bring us an exciting final few Weeks in this season’s Golden Boot Game.


For some reason only 47 strikers were selected in Week #31. In recent Weeks we have had over fifty selections and sometimes nearer sixty. Even so, it is very rare for us to have only three strikers scoring points in a Golden Boot Game Week with ten or more matches. Luckily, nineteen of our teams had Ronaldo’s two goals. His popularity meant he was responsible for almost eighty per cent of the points in Week #31. Just three teams had Jesus but his four goals meant they all had above average scores. All four of the teams with Saka in their line-up also had Ronaldo and three goals. Unfortunately, a quarter of our teams had none of the three scorers and nothing to show in Week #31.

Of the seven best scoring teams this Week, six had Ronaldo in the top position. The one team who didn’t were the Week’s top scorers, Silly Rockets fc., who got all 24 points from Jesus. Just behind came Upforthecup who got a maximum 23 points from Ronaldo and Saka. The only team with both Ronaldo and Jesus were deanoshipp who had a maximum from the United man and a minimum from the City man for twenty points. The other four teams with Ronaldo in the 8-point slot were jointly next best with their sixteen point scores.

At the top of the overall standings Cheshire Town continued to eat away at the lead held by Weakenders. The gap at the top is now reduced to 25 points. We have a new team in third place, though, fdringo. They are ten points behind second place but five ahead of Team Of The Weak who drop to fourth. Behind these top four, Lancashire Rover and Sofy will still have hopes of joining in the battle for the third place prize. If we can get more strikers scoring in the final four Weeks of the season, they will have every chance to challenge.


We like to start each Hot Spot Game with a high scoring Week. It helps to rank the teams into some sort of order early in the piece. As in the Total Goals Game, the first Week can be decisive but most often subsequent Weeks have a greater influence on the final outcome. For the first Week of this season’s Final Five Game the scores were not too bad but half the teams had only Ronaldo’s goals so we did not get the separation we had hoped for. Obviously, in the first Week of the Final Five Game, the teams with the Week’s best scores lead the way. So, Silly Rockets fc. are on top with a one point lead over Upforthecup who have started this Hot Spot Game as they finished the last one. In third place are deanoshipp, still with an advantage over the pack that could prove crucial in the end. For the seven teams who failed to score this Week, the consolation is that there are extra matches to be played in two of the remaining four Weeks. Week #33 especially looks like an opportunity to get a high score and turn the contest around. Good luck with that.


Week #32 will see the final of this season’s Golden Boot Cup sponsored by Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven Cornwall. The final sees favourites Upforthecup take on underdogs Eight Wizards with both teams contesting their first final. Upforthecup’s status as favourites is based on two factors. First, they have performed well in all the four previous rounds of the Cup outscoring their opponents by 122 points to 43 with an accumulated victory margin of 60 to 19. Second, their general form has improved significantly in the second half of the season, culminating in a victory in our latest Hot Spot Game, the Total Goals Game.

Having been locked together in mid-table after Week #24, the finalist’s fortunes have been on a very different trajectory in the overall standings over the past seven Weeks. The gap between them has increased to over fifty points and eleven goals and while Eight Wizards have slipped into the bottom half of the standings, Upforthecup are now looking at a top ten finish to the season. In fact, it is hard to find a statistic that does not favour Upforthecup. Eight Wizards did take the top score in one Week this season but their opponents have two top scoring Weeks. There is, though, one nagging doubt about the final. Despite statistics to the contrary, Eight Wizards have made it through every round to reach the final hurdle. Whether their opponents were a top five team or a bottom five team they have always outscored them. In the end, the only statistics that matter are those from Week #32 and nothing from the past can affect the result. It will all come down to which team makes the right selections and which strikers score. While both teams will be boosting their total of prize tokens, only one can have the glory of joining our five previous Golden Boot Cup winners. Good luck and may the best team win.


Week #32 looks set to be our final ‘normal’ Week of the season. There are just ten Premier League matches to be played with each club having one fixture to fulfil. The first match is on Saturday lunchtime, when Newcastle play Liverpool. This means the selection deadline for the Golden Boot Game is at the normal time of 11:00 am on Saturday 30th April. There are altogether six matches being played on Saturday with another three scheduled on Sunday. This leaves one final match on Monday night between Man Utd and Brentford. Just like last Week, we will update our web site shortly after the final whistle at Old Trafford.

We should be able to confirm the winners of the Golden Boot Cup late on Monday 2nd May. The Cup final will also be featured in our next web log which will be published at the normal time, late on Wednesday May 4th. Rest assured, though, that the web log will also feature reports from the second Week of the Final Five Game as well as updates on the Golden Boot Game positions as we move into the final three Weeks of the season.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Noboots

at: 21:34 on 2 May 2022

Fantastic selection by Eight Wizards to win the Golden Boot Cup!!!! Congratulations.....

From: Upforthecup

at: 21:50 on 2 May 2022

Worthy winners of the the Golden Boot Cup.
Well played Eight Wizards...

From: Eight Wizards

at: 18:48 on 3 May 2022

Well played Upforthecup. I was unbelievably lucky all the way through. Thanks to all teams, and to the controller for a great competition. Best luck to all.

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