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Golden Boot Game Web Log

Week #2 - 'Alabangers' Win Week But 'Lukwhosbak' On Top

Published: 25 August 2021

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We have added a couple of teams since the start of the season which has taken the total to 27, one more than we had at the end of last season. Starting one Week late should not be that much of a disadvantage when spread over the remaining 34 Weeks of the season. It appears that we won’t be needing all the Golden Boot Cup rounds we have scheduled. For the third season in a row we will, probably, have fewer than 32 teams involved. We will use the upcoming international break to re-schedule the Cup rounds. It looks like 1st December will be the date by which teams must be registered to take part in the Cup.


We always welcome intelligent questions and the one from the Coach of Weakenders about Weekly prizes certainly fits that description. We discussed what to do if two teams had the Week’s leading score, at length, before we introduced this prize. As we use our usual sequence to decide the winner (points, goals, 8-pointers, 7-pointers etc.) joint winners would need to have identical scoring throughout their teams.

Having decided that we had to set the prize so low, we could not contemplate splitting it. We could award five prize tokens to each of the joint winners but this has one big drawback. A player who has more than one team could deliberately pick the same strikers in the same positions in the hope of winning with all their teams and, therefore, boosting their prize. We wanted to avoid that temptation at all costs and encourage players with multiple teams to make different selections for each. This led us to conclude that we would not award a prize for a Week which had no outright winner.

Our next decision was what to do with the money we saved. There was a proposal that the prize tokens for the Weeks with joint winners should be added to the prize for the final Week of the season to give a potential bumper Weekly prize. When we found that we would, once again, have fewer than twenty players involved this season, we decided to simply withhold the prizes instead. You will notice that on our Prizes page there is a reference to up to 35 Weekly prizes. That wording is significant. However, in the 33 game Weeks of last season there was not one occasion when we had joint winners. You might think that there is more of a chance of joint winners in low scoring Weeks but there always seems to be a team with speculative selections who gets lucky in these Weeks. I am hopeful that we will have 35 outright Weekly winners this season but that remains to be seen.


Only Salah had more selections than Ings this Week. Despite Antonio scoring twice as many goals it was the Villa man who provided more Golden Boot Game points. It was having this pair as their top two picks that accounted for two thirds of the Week’s best score of 33 points by Alabangers. It took four more strikers to provide the other third. One other team also managed seven goals, Oxford Orange. They posted the minimum possible seven goal score this Week of 22 points. And there we have the Golden Boot Game in a nutshell. Same number of goals, same number of scorers but such a different outcome.

It is perhaps fitting that the new leaders in the Golden Boot Game standings are Lukwhosbak. They actually posted the second best score of the Week, beaten by a mere nine points to those five prize tokens. They swapped places with Weakenders who slip back to third, leaving Team Of The Weak still sandwiched between them.

Lukwhosbak have already got points from every striker position this season. They share this feat with Lancashire Rover who are back in seventh. In a way their feat is the more surprising as they have two fewer goals to spread amongst their eight strikers. So far, we have not had any team fail to score in a Week. In fact, the minimum was two goals in both Week #1 and Week #2. I suspect that has just jinxed someone for next Week but it will probably be me, so don’t let it worry you.


It is often the case in the early Weeks of the Quantum Accelerator Game that the Week’s top goal scorer takes over the top spot in the table. Obviously, the increase in the quantum value is quite significant in the early Weeks. However, neither of this Week’s seven goal teams had a great score in Week #1, so it is donnyvegasisback who retain top spot. They were the only one of last Week’s eight goal teams to get six this time, giving them a slender outright lead. Lukwhosbak move up to second place, one point behind the leaders.

While Oxford Orange got minimum reward for their seven goals in the Golden Boot Game, they posted the best score in this game to sit just two points behind the leaders (alongside Team Of The Weak). This shows the difference between the Golden Boot Game and most of our Hot Spot Games and how you can perform well in one without excelling at the other. Next Week of course the quantum accelerates to three points for each goal your team scores. We are almost at the halfway stage already and after that the scoring gets serious.


Week #3 includes the season’s first international break. This means it actually lasts for two calendar weeks. In that time there are only ten Premier League fixtures spread over two days with all twenty clubs playing one match. We start with a Saturday lunchtime match between Man City and Arsenal. So, the selection deadline is at 11:00 am on Saturday 28th August. There are six more matches to be played later on Saturday, leaving three to be played on Sunday afternoon. The final fixture before the break sees Wolves take on Man Utd. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle at Molineux.

Our next web log will be published late on Wednesday 1st September. It will have the latest news from both the Golden Boot Game and the Quantum Accelerator Game. Hopefully, we will also be able to bring you news of the latest improvements/corrections to our web site.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Cheshire Town

at: 22:05 on 22 September 2021

great blog as usual and especially the mention of jimmy greaves. What a player and how tragic that he was injured and unable to play in the world cup final in 1966. He was my hero, RIP.
Best of luck to all in the spot prize final week, you may be right i may be due a bad week! YNWA

From: Cheshire Town

at: 22:41 on 27 September 2021

Congratulations to the manager of Weakenders on winning the quantum accelerator game. There seems to be no way of stopping you, well played. best regards cheshre town manager YNWA

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