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Week #31 - 'Weakenders' Keep Title Bid On Track

Published: 14 May 2021

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With fans about to return to Premier League matches we can assume the published fixtures are not going to be changing before the end of the season. There are some issues around European qualification places to be resolved but these are as likely to be determined by the finals in the various domestic and European cup competitions as they are by the Premier League placings.

In general, at this stage of the season, I feel that those strikers with less to play for will be more likely to score. Those teams where the success of the season could depend on the next goal might be more focussed but the pressure on their strikers is also increased. The strikers you really need to be wary of are those who have already decided their season is over. This season these could include those who are saving themselves for international tournaments in the summer (Olympics, Euros etc.). If there is ever a time for a more creative approach to Golden Boot Game selections, the final two Weeks of this season might well be that time.


Two things that really help improve the scoring in the Golden Boot Game are lots of strikers scoring and strikers scoring more than once. It helps, of course, if teams have more than one match as it gives extra playing time for those top selections to score. You won’t be shocked when I tell you that Fernandes scored the most points of any striker in Week #31, though Salah was not far behind thanks to eighteen teams backing him. It was a similar story with the next best strikers as Iheanacho’s single strike actually brought a couple more points to the game than Greenwood’s double. Every team had at least three goals in Week #31 which pushed the average score up to 26 points exactly.

The top two scorers this Week both had nine goals from seven scorers. They both included Fernandes and Greenwood in their line ups; Weakenders getting a maximum thirty of their 49 points from this pair, while Upforthecup had only 26 of their 48 points. For the league leaders Aubameyang was their only selection to miss out whereas Upforthecup, who went for a team of entirely Man Utd and Liverpool strikers, had Martial in their 1-point slot. M1 had the Week’s third best score with forty points, 22 coming from the Man Utd two goal duo. A point behind were Team Of The Weak who were the only other team to have two goals from their 8-point striker (Bruno of course).

As the top three were all represented in the Week’s top four scores it is not surprising that there is no change at the top of the overall standings. It is a little more surprising that only three pairs of teams swapped positions this Week. Even Upforthecup were non-movers despite adding 48 points. Weakenders Week’s best score has stretched their lead to fifteen points over Team Of The Weak, making them hot favourites for the title with just two Weeks to go. M1 actually closed the gap to the second prize position by a single point but they are still eleven adrift. Fourth placed Cheshire Town are now over forty points behind the leaders so I think they may have to forego the title this season. With 28 more Premier League matches still to be played they might just be able to take the second prize. They are going to need a lot of luck, though.


After a third Week when the scoring improved on the previous Weeks, three of the four top scoring teams from Week #31 now hold three of the top four positions in the Final Five Game. This Week’s top scorers, Weakenders, have moved into second place but they were not quite able to close the gap to last Week’s leaders, Cheshire Town. They held on to top spot with a four point advantage. Upforthecup have moved into third place just six points behind the leaders and seven ahead of Team Of The Weak who move up to fourth place. These are currently the only teams within two 8-point goals of the leaders.

The somewhat odd nature of this season means that almost half of the matches in this season’s Final Five Game are yet to be played. While there are some strong teams among the current leaders, there is still scope for teams outside the top four to put themselves in the mix. With even more matches to be played in Week #32, there is potential for more high scores and for large gaps to be closed. This is the Week to make your move, though. By the final Week of the season it will be too late for most teams.


For the penultimate Week of the Golden Boot Game season we have eighteen Premier League matches scheduled. Most clubs have two matches to play except Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester and Man Utd who have just one each. The sixteen teams with two fixtures play either two matches at home or two away. The schedule starts with a Friday night encounter between Newcastle and Man City. The selection deadline will be 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday, 14th May. There are three more matches being played on Saturday and another four on Sunday. We then get a day off for good behaviour before four matches are played on Tuesday night, followed by six more on Wednesday. The late matches on Wednesday night see Burnley take on Liverpool and West Brom host West Ham. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistles have sounded in these two matches.

The next web log will be published on Thursday 20th May, probably around early evening. It will have all the updates from the Golden Boot Game and the Final Five Game. We will also be looking at where the prizes are likely to go in the final Week of the season.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Bury Wanderer

at: 10:57 on 29 April 2021

Congratulations to M1 on winning Players cup, you are having a great season. Commiserations to Oxford Orange it hard to take when you lose by one point but it was good to see you back this season

From: M1

at: 14:35 on 29 April 2021

Many thanks Bury Wanderer, it was a tough slog getting past some good teams on route to winning the Players' Cup... Wishing you well for a strong finish this season!


From: Team Of The Weak

at: 23:11 on 30 April 2021

congratulations to M1 on your cup win .Your style of play is suited to cup games getting points from out of form players like Zaha this week & Salah in week 26. However it can go wrong at times (4 Spurs in 28 !)

From: M1

at: 11:52 on 2 May 2021

Many thanks Team Of The Weak.... This could also be a nightmare week for me!

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