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Week #13 - 'BF Giants' Win Quantum Accelerator Prize

Published: 23 December 2020


Let me start by wishing all our players a very Merry Christmas. We do need you all to stay safe over the festive period and not just because we can’t afford to lose any more players. Below, we have one Hot Spot Game to tidy up and the next one to preview. We also report on the draw for the First Round of the Players’ Cup and there is the usual news from another interesting Week in the Golden Boot Game.


Congratulations to the Coach of BF Giants who held off all challengers during the final Week of the contest to take the prize. The lead changed hands several times during the Week. The advantage first went to Magic Eight Balls with their Liverpool contingent leading the way. Next up were donnyvegasisback when Wilson’s goal gave them a slender overnight lead. Then Sunday saw BF Giants wrest back control thanks to Vardy’s penalty. The two leaders had no Monday strikers selected but it would have taken a hat-trick from Giroud or Werner to create a shock. With the former not playing and the latter not scoring BF Giants were able to take their second ever Hot Spot Game victory, just ten seasons after the first.


Six of the eight strikers with most selections scored this Week with two of them scoring twice. Abrahams also scored twice and Wood got a point but their total of nine points hardly made an impact. Once again it was Salah making the Week’s biggest contribution, providing most points for most teams. With so many popular strikers scoring, every team was able to get at least one goal and the Week #13 average came in at 21 points.

Almost half of our teams had four scorers with nine teams getting six goals from them. Given the number of popular selections who scored it seems slightly disappointing that no team could do better. Weakenders posted the Week’s best points score with 36, one better than last Week’s best. Five goals from their top three selections made up almost all of their points. Ard Mhacha Abu had 32 points from just five goals while Team Of The Weak were just a point behind. The Week’s top scorers were averaging around six points per goal. In contrast there were other teams with five and six goals averaging less than three. Another reminder that positioning your strikers is the most important skill in the Golden Boot Game.

Week #13 saw the top eight teams change positions, although it must be said that we now have a distinct top five. BF Giants are back on top by a single point from Team Of The Weak who also climb two places. Swapping with the new leaders leaves Bury Wanderer back in third a further point back. Weakenders move into fourth just three points off the lead and level on points with donnyvegasisback who have slipped three places. There is now a seventeen point gap between fifth and sixth places; the biggest in the top half by far. So, BF Giants lead the Golden Boot Game at Christmas although this is never as significant as in the Premier League and even less so this season as we are still well short of half way.


The draw for the First Round Proper of the Players’ Cup was made on Tuesday 22nd December 2020. These are the ties in alphabetical order:
donnyvegasisback versus Annoyed Grandpa’s Eight
Ingleborough Diamonds versus Ard Mhacha Abu
M1 versus Cheshire Town
TeakTemple versus Upforthecup
Team Of The Weak versus All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe
Tiny Dancer versus BF Giants
Uttley Allstars versus Oxford Orange
Weakenders versus Lancashire Rover

Ties are due to be played in Week #19 which starts on 5th February. Any replays that are needed will be played during the following Week. We will take a closer look at the draw nearer the time.


Our third Hot Spot Game of the season begins in Week #14 and lasts for eight game Weeks, ending after the final match in Week #21 around the 23rd February. The key to the Medals Table Game is the way the table is ordered; first by the number of gold medals your team has won then, only where gold medals are equal, by the number of silver medals your team has won. Finally, if both gold and silver medals are equal the number of bronze medals determines the order.

So, how does a team win these medals? During the eight Weeks of the game a gold medal is awarded for every 8-point goal scored by your team, a silver medal is awarded for every 7-point goal and (you’ve guessed it) a bronze medal is awarded for every 6-point goal your team scores. We always schedule this game during the busy Christmas period, taking advantage of the extra Premier League matches to boost the medal winning opportunities. It is the most volatile of all our Hot Spot Games. A hat-trick for the right striker at the right time can make a massive difference to the standings. It is a real opportunity for those not in the running for the overall prizes to get lucky with some creative selections while those fighting for the championship have an equal chance of winning if their regular selections produce the goals.


Week #14 is our second double game Week of the season with each Premier League club having two matches to play. This time each club has one home match and one away match scheduled. There are six matches on Boxing Day starting with a Saturday lunchtime kick-off between Leicester and Man Utd. This means the selection deadline for Week #14 is at 11:00 am on Saturday 26th December. Four more matches on Sunday complete the first set but there is no let up. Monday has three matches with another five scheduled on Tuesday leaving the final two matches of 2020 to be played on Wednesday 30th December. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle in the last of these where Newcastle take on Liverpool.

The next web log will be published on the last day of 2020 just as soon as we can get it into shape, probably around early afternoon. With the New Year celebrations somewhat curtailed this year you should have plenty of time to read it while waiting for your SMS messages to be delivered.

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