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Golden Boot Game Latest Web Log

Week #5 - Low Scoring Sees 'Cheshire Town' Build Lead

Published: 22 September 2021

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Many of the accounts of Jimmy Greaves’ playing career, broadcast after his death on Sunday, concentrated, quite rightly, on his goal scoring record. The Golden Boot Game is all about goal scoring stats and that reason alone is enough to give him a special place in our hearts. Many pundits try to compare different eras of the game arguing whether Messi and Ronaldo are better than the likes of Maradona, George Best etc. In the end, each is a different player playing a different role in a different era with different tactics. They do, however, have one thing in common. When Pele described football as the beautiful game, he meant the game that, at their best, these players played. That was the game Jimmy Greaves played.

Jimmy Greaves, of course, played in the days when English football was still a spectator sport rather than the broadcast sport it is today. That change had already started by the time Jimmy retired but would accelerate over the next fifty years. Jimmy would play a big part in football broadcasting, of course, but I don’t think anyone would claim he was a world class sports broadcaster. Perhaps his biggest contribution was to bring some perspective to the dark days of football hooliganism, reminding us that there was still humour to be found in the game.

Those of you who have been part of the Golden Boot Game game since its start may remember that we offered signed copies of his autobiography as prizes on a couple of occasions. Getting those books signed was the only time I actually met Greavsie. At the end of a long afternoon book signing he was still the affable character you saw on TV. By then it was some 45 years since I had first become aware of this talented youngster from Chelsea. He had helped fuel my enthusiasm for the game throughout that time and that enthusiasm had led me to devise the Golden Boot Game. Thank you, Jimmy Greaves, R.I.P.


I suppose it was inevitable or maybe I just said its name too many times but Week #5 turned out to be a more difficult Week for point scoring in the Golden Boot Game. Worse still, the two teams that reached the Week’s best score of nineteen points, Cheshire Town and Tels boot boys, had identical records for the Week, both having three goals. With no outright winner, there were no prize tokens awarded this Week. Week #5 had ten strikers making a points contribution to our game. Only Salah and Ronaldo were in the majority of teams, though, and only one team, All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe had two goal scorer Sarr, for six points. A couple of places higher would have seen them rewarded for their bold selection but I guess that goes for lots of strikers in lots of teams in a tight Week like this. Two teams failed to score and another two became the first this season to end a Week with a single goal. Everyone else scored between eleven and nineteen points. No wonder we had a tie at the top.

None of the top five places in the overall standings changed this Week. Cheshire Town again hit the best score, albeit jointly, and extended their lead over Weakenders to double figures. Lancashire Rover in third matched the score of Weakenders to hold the gap at seven points. Team Of The Weak may be twenty points behind the leaders at this stage but, now that there are prizes for the top three places, they are well positioned in fourth while fdringo in fifth actually closed up on the teams above them except for Cheshire Town, of course. It might be a bit early in the season to start talking about prizes but you never know when the decisive gap will open up. The gap between top and fifth is now 23 points with a similar gap covering the next ten teams.


Three teams outscored the leaders and most of the other top teams from last Week. Bury Wanderer, All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe and Alabangers all got four goals but none of them can be said to have a realistic chance of taking the prize next Week. With each goal counting six points in the final Week, only two teams, Weakenders and Team Of The Weak sit within two goals of leaders Cheshire Town.

If you are looking for differentials to give your team a shot at the season’s first Hot Spot Game prize, it is worth remembering that it does not matter what position they are in your team. Having said that, if they come good in this game, they also produce in the Golden Boot Game as Sarr demonstrated this Week. It is a long shot but even fdringo in ninth place have an outside chance. They only need one goal more than most of the teams above them and a couple on Weakenders. It is only Cheshire Town who they need to outscore by three goals and the leaders must be due a bad Week, surely. On the other hand, Week #5 was only the second Week that Cheshire Town have been outscored, so maybe that was their bad Week and they will complete an easy win next Week.


Week #6 starts with Chelsea hosting Man City on Saturday lunchtime, the first of ten Premier League matches. As usual each of the twenty clubs is playing once. The selection deadline will be at 11:00 am on Saturday 25th September. There are six more matches scheduled for Saturday and two scheduled for Sunday. The final match of Week #6 on Monday night is the big one, Crystal Palace taking on Brighton. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle at Selhurst Park.

Our Week #6 web log will be published on Wednesday 29th September. We will have a report on how the Quantum Accelerator Game was won as well as the usual news from the Golden Boot Game. We will also be explaining the workings of this season’s second Hot Spot Game, the Super Striker Game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Cheshire Town

at: 22:05 on 22 September 2021

great blog as usual and especially the mention of jimmy greaves. What a player and how tragic that he was injured and unable to play in the world cup final in 1966. He was my hero, RIP.
Best of luck to all in the spot prize final week, you may be right i may be due a bad week! YNWA

From: Cheshire Town

at: 22:41 on 27 September 2021

Congratulations to the manager of Weakenders on winning the quantum accelerator game. There seems to be no way of stopping you, well played. best regards cheshre town manager YNWA

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