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Golden Boot Game Latest Web Log


Published: 29 May 2024

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I am now able to report that all prize tokens that were won this season have been allocated to the teams that won them. Better still, the players who coach those teams that won prize tokens can now request to exchange them for prizes and we will action those requests within 48 hours. Some seventeen teams won prize tokens this season. There are also five other teams who carried forward unspent prize tokens from last season that they can still exchange. If you are struggling to know how you can exchange your prize tokens, you will find more information on our PRIZES page.

As I have said before, there is no great rush to exchange your prize tokens. We will be here until the end of May 2025 so, as I write this, you have a whole year. While we at Golden Boot Game Control appreciate the thought, I would ask that you do not try to donate prize tokens to the Controllers and certainly do not just leave tokens unspent. We will be making increasingly desperate efforts to ensure that all unspent tokens are exchanged before the end of May 2025, so leaving unspent tokens will simply cause us more unnecessary work.

If you really want to allocate your tokens to something that the Controllers will appreciate, may I suggest you assign them to one of our charities. We are currently supporting, Cancer Research UK, Doctors Without Borders, and the World Wide Fund for Nature. Remember that you can also donate your tokens to any charity of your own choosing.


In spite of not scoring in the final match of the Premier League season, Haaland comfortably retained the Premier League’s Golden Boot trophy. Half a dozen strikers have previously won a pair of Golden Boots back-to-back since the Premier League formed but none by the sort of margins that Haaland has achieved. Playing for the Premier League champions has helped of course but his scoring rate over the last two seasons has been exceptional by any standards. At this stage it is hard to picture anyone else winning next season’s Golden Boot and I imagine Haaland is already a short priced favourite to make it three in a row.


All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe posted the top score in four of our game Weeks, the only team to win our Weekly prize more than three times this season. It is hard to remember that they began the season on good enough form to take our first Hot Spot Game prize with a late surge in the Pairs Progress Game. A slump in form would lead to them finishing in mid-table. Magic Eight Balls had already made their mark by this stage and took the prize in the Quantum Accelerator Game, our second Hot Spot Game. This win and three Weekly prizes were, of course, totally eclipsed by victory in the Golden Boot Cup and, less than three Weeks later, becoming champions in the Golden Boot Game itself.

Alabangers began the season poorly but by the end of the year had started to find some better form. Victory in our third Hot Spot Game, the Medals Table Game, was followed by a series of giant killings in the Golden Boot Cup which took them to the Final. Three Weekly prizes and an eventual top-half finish showed that a bad start doesn’t mean the season is a complete write-off. Sofy were perhaps the unluckiest team of the season. Their fourth place in the overall standings saw them just miss out on a prize and, after some great scores in the early rounds, they were unlucky to be drawn against Alabangers in the Cup semi-finals. The Bang Average Game did see them snatch victory in our fourth Hot Spot Game and they added a couple of Weekly prizes. It was very nearly so much better, though.

BF Giants spent most of the season in the top ten without really threatening to win anything. Then a strong finish in the fifth Hot Spot Game of the season saw them unexpectedly take the prize in the Total Goals Game. Our final Hot Spot Game of the season was in stark contrast to the fifth. The Final Final Five Game was almost a one-horse race from the start with Cheshire Town opening a big gap on the pack, then reeling in early leaders PJ Auxerre (who were never going to be allowed to win it). Strangely, BF Giants and Cheshire Town finished the season level on points, with those extra goals giving the former ninth place.


We are going to spend the next two or three weeks updating our HISTORY section with this season’s results. It will then be a complete record of all 21 seasons of the Golden Boot Game which will remain available until the website is taken down next year. We also need to prepare the changes that will enable those players with unredeemed prize tokens to log in directly to their PROFILE page once this season’s data is removed at the end of June. Our next weblog will, therefore, be published on Wednesday 19th June 2024. Depending on what comes out of our changes, it is likely to be mostly about prize tokens.

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Comments From Our Players

From: Weakenders

at: 18:36 on 19 May 2024

Congratulations to Magic 8 Balls for winning this season along with all other prize winners .
I'm going to miss this game next season .
In keeping with a comment posted earlier this season I'm going to donate my 2 x £5 highest weekly score wins to the controller as a small thank you for running the game for so long


at: 19:31 on 19 May 2024


CHAMPIONS - 'Magic Eight Balls'
2nd PRIZE - 'Upforthecup'
3rd PRIZE - 'Team Of The Weak'

FINAL FIVE WINNER - 'Cheshire Town'

Congratulations to all these prize winners.

From: M1

at: 19:35 on 19 May 2024

Brilliant winning season for Magic Eight Balls in taking the first and only and last Double with league and cup wins. Big congratulations indeed. Many thanks to the controllers for all the pleasure you have given us all over many seasons..

From: Magic Eght Balls

at: 23:14 on 19 May 2024

Thanks guys, I'm chuffed to get it over the line after a tough battle. Congrats to the other prize winners. I'm gonna miss this game a lot. Huge thanks to the controllers for running this for so long, I've had great fun and some trips to beautiful Cornwall out of this game which, if it wasnt for it, I may never have seen.

From: Cheshire Town

at: 10:33 on 20 May 2024

Congratulations to Magic Eight Ballls in winning final golden boot game. Thanks to all the conntrollers for running the golden boot and it will be a huge miss after all these years in taking part. Best wishes to all the golden boot managers

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