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Golden Boot Game Latest Web Log

The Golden Boot Game Is Now Active For Its 19th Season

Published: 28 July 2021


The Golden Boot Game web site is up and running for the new season with some players having already registered their teams. So far there have been no significant problems reported and we are definitely hoping that continues. A few players have even gone as far as selecting their first team of strikers which seems quite bold given that the Premier League transfer window is well and truly open. There is, of course, plenty of opportunity for them to change their teams before Week #1 starts on Friday 13th August. They can change their Week #1 team as many times as they like before the selection deadline and, in the Golden Boot Game, that is equally true for every other game Week.


This year’s Premier League’s Summer transfer window is open until the end of August. This means there is plenty of scope for the strikers in our selection list to move clubs even before the Premier League starts. Equally, any strikers which our players write in can also end up switching clubs.

As far as our selection list strikers are concerned, we always aim to have at least one striker from each Premier League club on there. If a striker on our list moves, we will add another of his former club’s strikers to the list. If he moves to another Premier League club he will stay on the list with his new club. If he moves outside the Premier League, assuming no player has selected him in their team, he will be deleted from the list.

With strikers that have been written in by our players (those on the Provisional Strikers list) the important thing is that they are in the squad of the club selected when they were written in. That means, if a write-in striker moves to another club and you want to keep him in your team, you will need to write him in again selecting his new club. At the selection deadline, when we attempt to resolve the original entry, we will not find him in the squad of his old club. This means any selection with him at the old club will not be resolved and the teams involved will find themselves a striker short. If he moves outside the Premier League, all his remaining selections at the deadline will be invalid, of course. When a striker on the Provisional list moves outside the Premier League it means he will definitely not be moved to the official list.


I guess you are like me. When you tick the box saying that you have read and accept the terms and conditions you are in fact lying. Ok, I’ll take it that you accept them but did you really read them? All of them? I like to think that the terms and conditions for the Golden Boot Game web site are quite readable compared with most other sites. They are not that long and the language is quite straightforward. For the new season we are making some changes relating to how we use your email address. The changes will allow us a little more flexibility and clarify exactly how we intend to use the only piece of personal data we get from you when you register. All our terms and conditions are available to read at all times on the Golden Boot Game web site.

Currently we may use your email address to contact you when you specifically request us to. This includes sending you selection deadline reminders if you requested them and a password reminder email whenever you ask for one. In addition, we will now email you when you exchange your prize tokens for an actual prize. We are changing our terms and conditions to give ourselves the option to send you unsolicited emails in two very specific circumstances.

First, we will email you if there is some urgent reason we need to communicate a change to the normal operation of the Golden Boot Game. This might include, but is not limited to, rule changes or changes to terms and conditions, which will be communicated to all active players. It could also include problems with specific team or teams which would only be communicated to those affected teams. Secondly, by accepting our terms and conditions this season you will be authorizing us to contact you by email to inform you when you can register for next season. In this case, if you had an active team in one season, we will send you a single email to let you know when you can register for the following season. We will not be badgering you with repeated emails or anything like that.

I am sure you realise this, but just to be clear, none of this affects what happens if you email us about any subject whether Golden Boot Game related or not. Those email conversations are governed by the general email rules that apply outside the Golden Boot Game in the real world. After all, we sometimes get emails that are not even from our registered players.


We will be publishing our next blog on Wednesday 4th August. Between now and then we will be concentrating on getting more players to sign up to play the Golden Boot Game this season. As always, we would greatly appreciate any help you can provide in getting new players signed up. Thank you.

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