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Golden Boot Game Latest Web Log

Ready To Go For The 2022 - 2023 Season Start

Published: 3 August 2022


This is the final web log before the new Premier League season starts on Friday 5th August. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back those players who have registered for the new season of the Golden Boot Game, our twentieth. Though there are still a couple of players from last season who have yet to re-register, I am hopeful that we will have a full complement by the time the season kicks off. In any case I would like to thank all those who have re-registered for giving us another chance. Hopefully, we will all manage to have some fun and maybe win a prize before the season ends next May.

I would like to be welcoming some new players to the Goal Den for the new season but so far that has not happened. We are still hopeful that we might get a rush of registrations just before the deadline. If the previous nineteen seasons have taught us anything, though, it is that we always expect more teams than we eventually end up with. We urge anyone leaving their registration until the last minute to allow time for emails to be delivered, slow connections and the myriad of other things that might go wrong. Above all, remember that the first selection deadline is on Friday night at 7:00 pm UK time. If you register after that you will miss the chance to score in Week #1.


All who are reading this week’s web log should notice the new layout. I am sure some of you noticed last week, too. So far we have not received any complaints, which has to be a good thing. On the other hand, nobody has said what a vast improvement it is. I am fairly sure that nobody has noticed our update to the Hot Spot Games RULES page. Well it is there and if you want to read the rules of the Bang Average Game, you can. If you go to the page and don’t see the rules for the Bang Average Game, it probably means you need to clear out your browser’s cached files to pick up the latest version. If you are an avid blog reader and are expecting to see some sort of RULES index page, you will be disappointed. We are working on it but it won’t be there until after the season starts.

We have updated the 2022 – 2023 season CALENDAR up until the end of October. The dates and times of some fixtures are still not finalised but we have used our best judgement. The last couple of seasons have seen us get used to making late changes, so we should not have a problem if this is not the final version. There are two more Weeks with a Friday night deadline after Week #1. These are Week #7 in September and Week #10 in October. Both the double fix Weeks (game Weeks with two full sets of fixtures) will finish with matches on Thursday night (Oh joy!). These are Week #4 at the end of this month and Week #10 (still in October). This means that Week #10 starts on a Friday night and ends the following Thursday (‘Do I not like that!’).


I am not sure if I can remember how our first Hot Spot Game of the new season is supposed to work. I do know that it will last for the first seven Weeks of the season, ending after the final Premier League match in September, which is currently scheduled for Sunday 18th. I also remember that, for this Hot Spot Game the eight strikers you select for the Golden Boot Game are arranged into four pairs: striker 1 and striker 2 form pair A, striker 3 and striker 4 form pair B, strikers 5 and 6 form pair C and strikers 7 and 8 form pair D.

Any goals scored by either striker in pair D will score one point for your team. A goal from a pair C striker scores three points. Pair B’s goals will get your team six points each. Finally, a goal for either of those pair A strikers will add a big ten points to your team’s score. So as you see, the scoring gets progressively bigger as we move up through the pairs, hence Pairs Progress Game.


I may say this more than once but there is a Friday night selection deadline in Week #1. Before that, though, we will be sending out the first selection deadline reminders. If you requested a deadline reminder email for your team, you should receive it on Thursday morning 4th August. Week #1 has a full complement of ten Premier League fixtures, every club has one match to play. The first match is between Crystal Palace and Arsenal on Friday night. This means the selection deadline for Week #1 will be at 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday 5th August. There are six more matches scheduled on Saturday and a further three to be played on Sunday. The final match of the Week sees West Ham take on Man City on Sunday afternoon. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle in that game.

Our next web log will be published on Wednesday 10th August. Judging by recent Weeks it is likely to be very late. It will, though, have a round up of actual scoring in Week #1 of the Golden Boot Game. We will also be taking a look at the early standings in the Pairs Progress Game. If there is much more in the blog it will probably be because something has gone wrong. We are hoping that won’t happen of course.

Finally, let me just wish all our players the best of luck in all their fantasy football endeavours over the coming season and, most especially, plenty of goals in the Golden Boot Game.

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