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The Quantum Accelerator Hot Spot Game Explained

Published: 16 October 2019


Despite our best efforts we have failed in our bid to get some part of the GoaL DeN up and running before the end of the current international break. While there is no law forcing me to, I have decided to write to you requesting an extension to this self-imposed artificial deadline. We have been working diligently on this project for a while now and have made considerable progress even to the point where we could publish what we have developed so far. However, there are still a number of details to be sorted out before we would be happy moving forward. Given that this first phase covers only the Records section of the Golden Boot Game, information which is already available elsewhere, we have decided to delay publishing for the time being.

Rather than set a new artificial deadline, such as the end of the month, we will continue to work on the project when time allows and publish when we have something ready. We can’t let this work interfere with the normal running of the Golden Boot Game. That must always take priority. We do, however, need to be careful how we manage our limited resources to ensure that there is time left over for continued development of the GoaL DeN. The last thing we want is for the work done up to this point to be wasted.

We are back to business as usual from this weekend with another period of four Weeks before the final international break of 2019. As well as the four rounds of Premier League matches to be played during this period, there are two rounds of Group matches in the European competitions and one round of the League Cup. Squad rotation will still be firmly on the agenda for the top clubs over the next few Weeks which may affect your upcoming striker selections. On the other hand the Premier League’s leading marksmen, Aguero and Abraham, have had fewer minutes on the pitch than any of the next six top scorers, so maybe squad rotation helps them to score more. In any case, we’ll be hoping for plenty of goals and some fine fantasy football fun before the next break in proceedings.


Let’s start with the basics. The Quantum Accelerator Game, our second Hot Spot Game of the season, starts with the first Premier League match in Week #9. It lasts for six game Weeks in total, ending after the final fixture in Week #14. This is currently scheduled for Wednesday 4th December but that could change. What is certain is that one of our players will be receiving a (small) early Christmas present in December.

Now to the nuts and bolts of how the Quantum Accelerator Game works. All the goals scored by all your strikers in a Week are totalled up and multiplied by that Week’s quantum value to get your team’s points score for the Week. Now you will be wondering what a quantum value is, so I’d better explain it. For the six Weeks of the game the quantum value starts at one in the first Week (Week #9) and increases by one each Week. By the final Week (Week #14), then, the quantum value will stand at six. So in Week #9 your points total will be your total number of goals multiplied by 1; which is your total number of goals. In Week #14, though, your points total will be your total number of goals multiplied by six which will, hopefully, be rather more.

You will no doubt have realised that this scoring system puts a heavy emphasis on the final Weeks of the contest. This season we have a double game Week in Week #14 which will mean your team will get the chance to score more goals just when they have their highest points value. The scoring pattern for this game means that many more teams will be involved right up to the final Week of the contest. However, one shouldn’t underestimate the effect of the early Weeks on the overall result. Some seasons have seen a couple of goals in those early Weeks make all the difference between winning the prize and falling just short. Remember everyone starts from scratch for this game in Week #9 so wherever your team stands in the overall classification you have the same chance as everyone else in the Quantum Accelerator Game. Good luck!


The Premier League returns from the international break with a Saturday lunchtime match between Everton and West Ham. This means the selection deadline for Week #9 will be 11:00 am on Saturday 19th October. All twenty Premier League clubs have one fixture in Week #9 making ten matches in total. After the lunchtime match there are another seven to be played on Saturday followed by Man Utd hosting Liverpool on Sunday and ending with Sheffield Utd taking on Arsenal on Monday night. We should manage to get our web site updated shortly after the final whistle at Bramall Lane. We will be publishing our next web log on Wednesday 23rd October. In it we will have news from the first Week of the Quantum Accelerator Game as well as a review of how the Week’s Premier League action has affected the Golden Boot Game. We are hoping for a few more goals than in Week #8 but as for predicting who might score them; that’s your job.

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