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Week #22 - 'Alabangers' Post Top Score In Low Scoring Week

Published: 5 March 2021

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As always when we have Thursday night matches it is a rush to get the Week completed and the blog published before the next Week starts. Technically we are already in Week #23 but this time we don’t have any Friday matches, thankfully. So, in the interests of getting this blog published in a timely manner, we will get on without further ado.


In a low scoring Week we were, not for the first time, indebted to Kane for most of the points. With only seven of the 41 selections scoring, his goal accounted for sixty per cent of all our Week #22 points. Kane had eighteen selections while the next best, Richarlison, had just five. There were only three teams without a goal in Week #22 even though the average score was just 8.2 points.

None of our teams had more than two scorers this Week and only one had four goals. Top scorers with twenty points from three goals were Alabangers. Next came two teams on sixteen points, Sofy from three goals and PJ Auxerre from two Jesus goals. Four goal Annoyed Grandpa’s Eight could only manage fourteen points from Richarlison and Bale, a mark matched by Magic Eight Balls from one goal fewer.

There were just three pairs of teams who swapped positions in the overall standings this Week. None of the top seven changed positions. Weakenders now lead Team Of The Weak by three points. The gap back to M1 in third place narrowed again this Week, to twelve points but donnyvegasisback, in fourth place, slipped back to fourteen points behind the top three. Bury Wanderer in fifth are just two points behind donnyvegasisback and three ahead of Lancashire Rover in sixth. Leaders Weakenders now have 96 goals for the season. Is it too much to hope that they could complete the century next Week? It could happen if our strikers get enough goals.


It’s hard to imagine that there might be four quarter final ties that are more difficult to predict. A case can be made for all eight teams progressing to the next stage. Someone has got to lose, though. Favourites to go through must be Weakenders. They are leading the overall standings and scored heavily in the last round. Their opponents, Upforthecup, are languishing in mid-table. However, it is not too long ago that they were in the bottom third. Recent Weeks have seen them scoring well and climbing the table. It would still be a shock if they win but a continuation of their good form might see them justify their name. I’m going for Weakenders, though, because it’s hard to argue with their record this season.

BF Giants have a difficult task on paper against Team Of The Weak. They were top scorers in the last round, though, so if any team is here on merit, they are. Team Of The Weak have been pressing the leaders hard for the last few Weeks but haven’t been able to get past them. Maybe that shows a slight weakness when it comes to the crunch. I’ll go for BF Giants in this one.

Ard Mhacha Abu appear to have a simple task up against lowly Oxford Orange. They are, however, the only team left in that has yet to hit twenty points in a Cup tie this season. Everyone knows the stature of Oxford Orange in the annals of the Golden Boot Game and, having joined the season late, they can concentrate on the Cup. I fancy Oxford Orange for this one.

Our Cup sponsors, M1, are in the closest match up against donnyvegasisback. There have been a few strange events over the last year that make me think the sponsors could win this (such as Tampa winning the Superbowl at home). With their opponents right next to them in the overall standings it’s impossible to call this on any logical basis, so I’m going to go for the sponsors.


In the Half and Half Game it is the goals from your top four strikers that make the difference. In the first Week of this season’s contest only five teams managed more than one of these. Three of these teams are in the top three positions on six points, while the other two are in a big group just behind on four points.

Alabangers and Sofy were the only teams to get three goals from their top half strikers. They are joined on six points by Annoyed Grandpa’s Eight who got two goals from their top half strikers and two from their bottom half. This technically puts them on top of the standings because they have scored more goals but such things don’t really come into play unless there is a tie at the end of the contest.

There are not so many matches in Week #23 but goals for strikers in the top half of your selections will count three points each. Those for strikers in the bottom half will still (and always) score one point. With luck we will have some higher scoring next Week and begin to stretch out the standings.


There is just one extra match in Week #23. While Man City have two home matches and Southampton two away from home, the other eighteen clubs have the usual one fixture to fulfil. The first match of the Week is a Saturday lunchtime kick-off between Burnley and Arsenal which means we have a normal selection deadline at 11:00 am on 6h March. There are three more Saturday matches and a further four on Sunday. This leaves two more matches scheduled for Monday night and the extra match to be played on Wednesday night. This final match sees Man City play Southampton. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle at the Etihad.

After a Wednesday night finish we will be looking to get the next web log ready by Thursday night. The main news will be the results from the quarter final ties in the Golden Boot Players’ Cup. For all of us no longer involved in that competition we will have the latest news from the Half and Half Game and, as always, the usual updates from the Golden Boot Game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 18:13 on 19 February 2021

What a brilliant draw for the Players' Cup Quarter Finals....

BF Giants v Team Of The Weak

donnyvegasisback v M1

Oxford Orange v Ard Mhacha Abu

Upforthecup v Weakenders

From: Cheshire Town

at: 12:24 on 26 February 2021

congratulations to coach of weakenders

From: Weakenders

at: 8:13 on 27 February 2021

I'd like to thank everyone (especially Upforthecup) for the high level of competition in the last hot spot game which I won by the slenderset margin (one bronze) Will Upforthecup get his revenge in the next round of the Players Cup ?

From: Team Of The Weak

at: 8:22 on 27 February 2021

Good to see both my "weak" teams kept apart in the cup . Two teams per player are allowed as long as they have different email addresses I first did that many seasons ago when there was almost 50 teams playing but I never won anything I'd like the game to go back to those numbers again as I enjoy more competition


at: 21:33 on 27 February 2021

I think we would all like to see fifty teams competing. We are working on some things which we hope will take us back to those numbers for next season. I hope we will have some positive news before the end of March. It seems that the strategies used by the Coach of the ‘Weak’ teams are suited to this season where the normal timescales are shortened. These teams have obviously coped well with the sudden fixture changes, extra squad rotation and increased injury problems for some clubs. There is still a third of the season to go, though. Anything could happen and probably will

From: Upforthecup

at: 11:02 on 28 February 2021

What a great season the manager of Team Of The Weak and Weakenders are having this season. Should be more success ahead but hopefully not in the the Players' Cup.

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