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Week #12 - 'M1' Wins Super Striker Hot Spot Game

Published: 24 November 2021

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We start this Week by congratulating the Coach of M1 on their victory in the first ever Super Striker Game. They played a consistent game throughout but it was their extra points from multi-scoring strikers that proved decisive in the end. Well done.

By the time our next blog comes out we will have passed the qualification deadline for the Golden Boot Cup. I should mention at this point that the Cup is back under its regular sponsorship from Arrowvean Cottage in Porthleven, Cornwall (If you are still in the market for a staycation, this could be just the place for you). The deadline for Cup qualification is midnight on 30th November 2021. All active teams who are properly registered with the Golden Boot Game at that point will go into the first round draw in December. Currently there are 28 qualified teams. The first round will take place in Week #19 which starts in mid-January.


The aim of the Super Striker Game is to reward those teams who found the most distinct scorers each Week. Each distinct scoring striker brought five points while any subsequent goal from one of those strikers brought just one extra point. The top three finishers in the final standings; M1, Magic Eight Balls and Cheshire Town, each had sixteen distinct scorers over the six Weeks of the game. In the end, then, it was their seven extra points that proved decisive in giving M1 the victory. The second and third Weeks of the contest brought all seven of those extra points for M1, while Magic Eight Balls claimed four and Cheshire Town just two. Though this gave M1 an early advantage, they still needed to match those distinct scorers over the second half of the contest to claim the win. Congratulations to their Coach on winning those twenty prize tokens to add to their collection.


Week #12 followed the pattern of this season where the Week following an international break has always produced plenty of goals. Once again, the Premier League defenders seemed to forget how to do their job during the break. As far as the Golden Boot Game scoring went, two thirds of the points came from Liverpool strikers. Only five teams did not have Salah while both Mane and Jota had double figures of selections. Noboots had five goals for their 24 points but J1J1 took the Week’s prize tokens with one more point from one less goal. Thanks to Salah’s strike every team got points this Week.

The top three teams in the overall standings maintained their positions this Week. Weakenders, in second place, took a couple of points out of Cheshire Town’s lead while Team Of The Weak fell back slightly in third. In the course of Week #12, Cheshire Town became the first team to reach fifty goals this season, reaching that milestone with Salah’s strike. Noboots have managed a dozen 8-point goals from a dozen Weeks and now sit in fourth spot after their excellent Week. They lead a congested chasing pack still looking to get among those top three prize winning spots.


With the Super Striker Game ending we need to start a new Hot Spot Game next Week. This will be the Medals Table Game. In this game your team wins a gold medal for each 8-point goal scored over the six Weeks of the contest. Each 7-point goal wins your team a silver medal and each 6-point goal wins a bronze medal. The Medals Table Game standings are ordered by most gold medals. If gold medals are equal the team order is determined by the number of silver medals. If both golds and silvers are equal then the number of bronzes determines the order.

As you can see, the winner will be the team with the most 8-point goals at the end of the contest. I have already installed Noboots as pre-game favourites. Only if there is a tie on 8-point goals will the number of 7-pointers and, if necessary, 6-pointers become involved. We always like to play this game when there are some double game Weeks in the calendar. This season three of the six Weeks have two sets of Premier League fixtures, giving us ninety matches in total to find those 8-point goals. The contest ends after the last match in Week #18, currently scheduled for Monday 3rd January 2022. So, some lucky team will be starting the new year with twenty extra prize tokens to their name.


Week #13 is the first of the double-game Weeks for this Golden Boot Game season. Even though the Week lasts the normal seven days, there are twenty Premier League matches to be played in that time. Each club plays one home match and one away match in Week #13. The first match is on Saturday lunchtime when Arsenal take on Newcastle. This means the selection deadline will be at 11:00 am on 27th November 2021. There are five matches being played on Saturday with five more scheduled for Sunday. The second set of matches starts with two fixtures on Tuesday. There are a further six matches on Wednesday before the final pair of matches on Thursday night. The last match of the Week, like the first, involves Arsenal, this time away against Man Utd. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle at Old Trafford.

The late finish to the Week’s fixture means the web log will not be published until Friday 3rd December. We will be hoping to publish it by early afternoon. As well as the first news of the Medals Table Game, we will be bringing you the latest from the Golden Boot Game, as usual. As we will be short of time, other news might have to wait until the following Week’s blog.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 22:50 on 3 November 2021

Do I not get a mention in the super striker game? Good blog as usual


at: 22:27 on 4 November 2021

Mea culpa. Copied 'Cheshire Town' by mistake in Week #10 blog. I have corrected it now because it didn't make sense with Cheshire Town joint top and joint fifth.

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 15:47 on 5 November 2021

gratias tibi

From: Cheshire Town

at: 13:42 on 22 November 2021

Congratulations to M1 coach on winning super super striker game YNWA

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