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Week #5 - 'Lancashire Rover' Take Over Top Spot

Published: 21 October 2020

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As I don’t have any apologies to make in this blog and we just have the usual sections to report on, I thought I would address the recent comment from the Coach of M1. As always from that source it is an interesting idea. However, I would like to step back from it and ask whether our players are happy with the fundamentals of our game. The Golden Boot Game concept is very much that players can select their strikers with complete freedom. As long as each team has eight different strikers anyone in any Premier League squad can be selected in any position for any game Week. One of the advantages of this is that it is very easy to explain the rules. I think the Controllers have always assumed this freedom of choice is a positive selling point but maybe we have been wrong all these years. As always, we would be interested to hear the thoughts of any of our players either publicly as a blog comment or on Facebook or privately on an email. Details of the various ways to contact us are on our Contact page.


There were 37 strikers picked by our teams in Week #5 of whom thirteen scored. Unusually the points scoring was led by the two strikers who scored twice; Kane having eighteen selections to eleven for Werner. Salah was the third striker to get over a hundred points with seventeen teams sharing them. Sterling’s strike brought points for fourteen clubs while both Son and Calvert-Lewin had eleven selections. Strangely, of the other seven scorers the ones with least selections were picked in higher positions. Rashford and Zaha had just two selections each but both contributed eleven points while Havertz shared his eighteen points among just three teams. In contrast, Jimenez had twelve selections sharing 29 points and seventeen Ings points were shared among eight teams. Mane and Fernandes appeared in six and five teams respectively with the former totalling 22 points to the latter’s eighteen. It was a Week when every team got at least three goals and double figures of points. All this high scoring pushed the average Week #6 score up to 32.1 points.

Having taken the four Weeks up to the international break before any team could muster five scorers, the return to Premier League action saw three teams notch seven scorers. The two of them that got nine goals topped the points scoring, led by Magic Eight Balls who returned to form with 48 points, sixteen of which came from Kane. One point behind were donnyvegasisback who, like Magic Eight Balls missed out on a full house because of Vardy’s injury hit blank. Cheshire Town and Uttley Allstars both had eight goals from six strikers for 44 points and 42 points respectively. Sandwiched between these two Lancashire Rover had just seven goals but all from their top five selections. Bury Wanderer were the third team with seven scorers who brought them eight goals, Aubameyang denying them the coveted full house.

The high scoring in Week #5 caused something of a shake up in the overall standings as only four of our teams finished the Week in the same position they started. Lancashire Rover are the new leaders after swapping their fifth position with pre-break top team Ingleborough Diamonds. A nine point gap between these two shows that things are much closer at the top of the table. Ard Mhacha Abu, in second place, are one of the non-movers this Week. They sit just one point behind the leaders and the same distance ahead of M1 who move up a place to third. The biggest advance of the Week sees donnyvegasisback taking fourth place, up from ninth before the break. They are one 8-point goal behind the leaders and one point ahead of the former leaders. At this stage there are no big gaps until we get to the bottom six teams. Many of those have the excuse that they are new to the Golden Boot Game, in some cases very new. At this stage there is still time for the newcomers to learn the ropes and pick up the pace but at least one of the teams down there proves that some people never learn.


So far in the Total Goals Game none of our teams have been able to break free from the crowd at the top of the standings. Week #5 proved no different on that score. The main effect of the Week’s best nine goals for donnyvegasisback and Magic Eight Balls was to add their teams to the already overcrowded group of serious contenders for this first prize of the season. We now have three joint leaders with Bury Wanderer joining two of last Week’s table toppers, Team Of The Weak and Weakenders. This trio has a two goal lead over another group containing All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe, Ard Mhacha Abu and M1. After sharing the lead last Week, BF Giants have dropped to seventh but are still just three goals behind the three leaders. The group of six teams who sit four goals behind the leaders includes both of this this Week’s top scorers and the fourth of last Week’s joint leaders, Ingleborough Diamonds. There are still two Weeks to go but we may well have to use the tie-break rules to determine our prize winner. Currently Team Of The Weak hold the advantage in this case but they would have to keep their joint lead and hope that none of the other contenders steal their tie break advantage before they could claim the prize.


Week #6 is the first Week of this season with a Friday night match. Aston Villa take on Leeds in this first fixture which means the Week #6 selection deadline is at 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday 23rd October. This is the first of ten matches to be played in Week #6 with each club having one fixture, as usual. Saturday has four matches while Sunday has just three. This leaves the final two fixtures which will be played on Monday night with Burnley hosting Spurs in the later match. We will update the web site shortly after the final whistle at Turf Moor.

Our next web log will be published late on Wednesday 28th October 2020. It will have the usual review of Premier League goals and how they have affected the standings in the Golden Boot Game. We will also review the scores from the penultimate Week of the Total Goals Game and look at the teams in the running to take our first Hot Spot Game prize of the season.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 10:59 on 5 October 2020

Noticed that salah two goals have not been credited to him


at: 14:49 on 5 October 2020

Thank you for pointing this out. Two goals were credited to Mane by mistake. Finger trouble rather than technical error. All sorted now but it does affect the tables somewhat.

From: M1

at: 12:16 on 21 October 2020

The change I would like to see is that once a striker is taken out of it's original position you can't move that striker back into that same position. Example: Kane is selected as my 8 point banker in week 1. The following week I want to leave him out of my selections as he is injured. The next time I select him the best position available is a 7 point position or lower! Other option was not to drop Kane and take a nil point hit for the week. Kane would still keep scoring 8 pointers until he has been moved...

From: M1

at: 13:44 on 22 October 2020

The flaw I see in attracting new players is that once the season is in full swing most players will be choosing the same high scoring strikers from the big six clubs... This means that if you are not in the top chasing positions by then you have little chance of catching the leaders!!!

From: Team Of The Weak

at: 13:45 on 23 October 2020

Sorry M1 but I'm not keen on the idea & it might be a bit difficult to administer .The main selling point of the game is that you start each week with a new line up with no restrictions .

From: M1

at: 20:11 on 23 October 2020

Agreed TOTW it would be a nightmare to set up on the tech side! In many ways there would be more of a strategy choice. At the moment who is not going to pick the top scoring strikers in the highest position rather than gamble on the likes of Watkins, Bamford, Wilson and others that feature only in the bottom positions if at all most weeks. Good to hear your feedback thou TOTW.

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