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Week #2 - 'Weakenders' Increase Lead As Chasers Falter

Published: 21 August 2019


Our current thoughts on this season’s Golden Boot Cup are that it is very unlikely that we will need more than five rounds. This means we can push back on the Cup schedule in the hope of getting more teams signed up to take part. For us to need six rounds we would need another dozen teams to sign up before the Cup gets underway, so I don’t think we will need to worry about how long we delay starting on that account. Given that we will want to have the final close to the end of the season, I am proposing we try to condense the tournament into the second half of the season as much as possible. The main advantage of this is to increase interest for teams who are in the lower half of the table by that stage and starting to feel less involved. Although this may look like we are kicking the can down the road, we actually have an outline plan already in place. We just need to make a final check on the details before updating the calendar. So watch this space.

We have recently made some minor changes to our web site. The majority of these have been cosmetic and designed to make things look better in some specific browsers or some particular device. One change to the Weeks Scores page, however, does warrant further comment. In previous seasons, where you wanted to view scores for teams other than the one you are signed in as, we made you enter the team number into a form. This form has now been re-designed to list the available team names in alphabetical order. All you need to do is select a team name from the list and click on the ‘Go’ button to see that team’s scores. I have a question about this change, though. At the moment, the displayed team name in the list box is the one whose scores are being displayed currently. Would you prefer to have the name of the team that signed in displayed in the box instead? Let us know if you have any thoughts on the matter.


As in Week #1, this Week’s hat-trick hero was outscored in Golden Boot Game terms by more popular, though less prolific, selections. Aubameyang was the top scorer as all but two teams had him in their line up. With his teammate Lacazette and opponent Barnes also scoring, every Golden Boot Game team had points on the board after the first match of Week #2. Once Aguero and Sterling had each added good points for two thirds of our teams and Pukki had boosted the totals for a third, we had reached an average score of 22 points by the end of Saturday’s matches. Unfortunately, Sunday proved to be this season’s first Premier League match day that produced a blank for the Golden Boot Game (It won’t be the last). Martial’s Monday contribution was too small to lift the final average with just two teams benefitting from his goal, so 22 remained the final average for the Week.

The top scorers in Week #2 were Mixmix who got eighteen of their 35 points from Pukki, fitting reward for being the only team with the hat-trick man in their top four selections. As in Week #1 though, the team with most scoring strikers was some way behind, Ingleborough Diamonds amassing thirty points from their six different scorers. They were joined on thirty by Eight Wizards who had goals from their top five selections (perhaps the other three are still at Wizard school). Behind these three teams and four others, the team with the most goals were Magic Eight Balls whose seven goals mustered just 24 points, with a minimum contribution from Pukki being the only thing that saved them from a below average score.

It’s fairly rare for the Week #1 leaders to hold onto their position in Week #2 but Weakenders have stretched their lead to five points. Their three closest rivals all improved their positions this Week with Ingleborough Diamonds moving up to second level on points with Mixmix who jumped ten places to third. Firbeck Black Lions have moved up to fourth just two points further back and one ahead of last Week’s second placed team donnyvegasisback. It will take a few Weeks for the table to settle down after a high scoring start but you only have to wait until Friday for the next opportunity to add to your score.


After the second Week of the Total Goals Game there are three teams leading the way on fourteen goals. Both Weakenders and Imperial booze boys have been a single goal behind the best score in both Weeks played. Joining them at the top are Magic Eight Balls, the highest scoring of the three teams who have posted the same score in both Weeks. Behind these, among another group of three teams just one goal adrift, sit last Week’s leaders, donnyvegasisback. Alongside them sit fdringo and newcomers Ingleborough Diamonds. Even after Week #2 there are just five goals separating top from bottom. If anything, I would say the standings are even closer than after Week #1 and every team has scored six goals or more in at least one Week. Any team that can maintain that level of scoring over the next six Weeks is going to be very hard to beat.


Week #3 begins with a Friday night match between Aston Villa and Everton. This means that the selection deadline will be 19:00 (7 pm) on Friday 23rd August. This is the first of ten Premier League fixtures to be played in Week #3 with each club having one match, as usual. The Week’s final scheduled matches are those between Wolves and Burnley and Spurs taking on Newcastle both of which are to be played on Sunday afternoon. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistles have sounded in both these matches. Our next web log should be available late on Wednesday 28th August. As usual it will have all the news of how the Week #3 matches have affected the Golden Boot Game and the Total Goals Game.

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