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How to Play the Golden Boot Game

Looking For Help

If you have a specific problem you should go to our frequently asked questions page to see if it is something we have been asked about before. If you can't get help there you can always go to our contact us page to find out how to get help from the Goal Den Boot Room. We are always keen to help anyone who is interested in playing the Golden Boot Game so don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you are looking for general advice on playing the Golden Boot Game, you are already in the right place. We have to admit that the Golden Boot Game is not like many other fantasy football games. We do not copy the traditional football team structure of keeper, defenders, midfield and atackers. Because we are different we realise you may need some extra help. Below you will find our best tips and tricks to help you start playing the Golden Boot game. Like many of our players you will probably soon be beating us at our own game and keeping your strategy and tactics a closely guarded secret. Until then, here are a few pointers to quickly get you up and running.


For the purposes of the Golden Boot Game strikers include all registered squad members from any of the twenty clubs in the English Premier League. Players are people who take part in the Golden Boot Game using this web site. If you are reading this you are probably one of our players.

Teams refer to the participants registered to take part in the Golden Boot Game and are made up of eight selected strikers. Clubs take part in the English Premier League and have strikers who score goals - sometimes.

On this site Premier League fixtures will be referred to as matches or fixtures, throughout. Games are fantasy football competitions such as the Golden Boot Game.

Game Weeks start at midnight on Thursday and last for one or two calendar weeks from then so they always end at midnight on Thursday. The word 'Week' with a capital may be followed by a number (e.g. Week #1) to refer to a specific game week (even where that Week lasts for two weeks).

Getting Started

Like all those other web sites you sign up for there are things you are supposed to read before you register. We cannot force you to read them, of course, but we give you the option here. You should first read the terms and conditions, which relate to your use of this web site and then it is a good idea to read the rules, which relate to the Golden Boot game. Reading these will give you an idea of how the game works and some of our terminology. As you are going to be signing up you might want to check out our privacy policy before you submit anything.

Now you can register your team using our two part Registration Form. There is a demo video on YouTube which takes you through the sign up process. You will need to suply a unique valid email address for each team you register, so that we can contact you. I cannot stress enough times how important this is. It is the one crucial piece of information that you give us. If you mis-type your password you can get a reminder of what you actually typed sent to your email address but if you mis-type your email address we have no way of contacting you and you won't be able to play the Golden Boot game.

We will also send you an email confirming your registration to your email address. That will contain a team number for your team which you will need the first time you sign in.

In the Golden Boot game you select a team of eight strikers each week who you expect to score goals in the English Premier League matches being played that week. There is another demo video on YouTube which takes you through the process of selecting your first team of strikers and making subsequent changes to your team. To select your strikers you will need to sign in using your team number or the email address registered for your team.

Before selecting a striker you need to hit the red cross next to one of the striker positions in your team. This opens that position to receive the new selection.

You can pick strikers from the list of strikers provided. If you want a striker that is not on the list you can select WRITE IN NEW STRIKER then select the striker's club and write in the name of anyone who plays for the selected Premier League club.

Any strikers you add in this way go in the Provisional Strikers List below the main list. This means other players can select strikers you have added and you can select ones they added, too.

How Your Team Scores Points

For each game week of the Premier League season you score points for each goal scored by one of your selected strikers in the Premier League games played during that game week. The points scored depend on the strikers position in your team.

Your striker in position 1 scores 8 points for each Premier League goal, position 2 scores 7 points for each Premier League goal and so on until position 8 scores only 1 point for each Premier League goal. The striker in position 1 will be referred to as Striker 1 or as your 8-point striker. He is the most important. Don't fall into the trap of thinking Striker 8 scores eight points per goal because he only scores one.

As you can see, a strikers position really makes a difference. If a hat-trick is scored by your number 1 striker that is 24 points but if your number 8 striker scores it then it only gets you 3 points. The key to the Golden Boot Game is getting those scoring strikers in the right positions in your team.

The winner of the Golden Boot Game will be the team that scores the most total points over all game weeks of the Premier League season. If two teams have equal points the total number of goals scored will be used to determine their order. If there is still a tie the number of 8-point goals will be used then the number of 7-point goals etc. until a winner is found. We use this sequence a lot. Especially when deciding the top scoring team for each game Week. As the Week's top team wins some prize tokens it can be a decisive factor.

Changing Your Team

You can change any, all or none of your strikers each game Week. There is no restriction on the number of changes you can make up until the selection deadline for a Week. Your selected strikers at the selection deadline will be able to score points for your team in the matches in that game Week, as long as they score some goals.

Game Weeks start at midnight on Thursday. However, the deadline time for selections will be on the hour at least one hour before and less than two hours before the first match kicks off. All times are standard UK time (Grenwich Mean Time or British Summer Time as applicable).

You can change your selections as many times as you wish up until the deadline for a game Week. Our regular prize winners change their strikers at least once a Week and often more. We always recommend you make an early provisional selection based on the fixtures to be played. Then, as more team news becomes available you can make further changes if necessary.

You can also choose as many strikers as you wish from each Premier League club for your team. Some clubs have many scorers and regularly rotate their squad. Some have just the one main striker that they rely on for goals. Don't ignore these, they can often get you good points.

Winning Things

Our prizes are awarded in the form of prize tokens which are credited automatically to your team every time it wins a prize. To find out what your team needs to do to get some prize tokens visit our Prizes page.

These prize tokens can be exchanged for actual prizes once your team has collected enough. You will need to sign in and visit your team's profile page to control, manage and exchange your team's prize tokens.

The game is totally free to play and there is every chance your team can get a prize, what have you got ot lose?

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