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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help?

If you are having a problem someone else may have had a similar one before. Read through our frequently asked questions below to see if you can find the answer. If that does not resolve your problem please get in touch so that we can quickly resolve your problem.

Important Stuff

Q1. I have not received the email confirming my registration. How can I get my team number?

A1. You will need to contact us so that we can send you the team number. Go to our contact page to find out how to get in touch.

Q2. I have forgotten my password. How do I get a Password Reminder?

A2. On the home page just below the log in form, there is a link to get an email reminder of your password. Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can confirm your team number or registered email address. A reminder of your password will be sent only to your registered email address. Any other email address entered will be ignored. If for some reason you cannot receive emails and have forgotten your password you will need to contact the controllers to get back in the game.

Q3. How can I change My Email Address/Password?

A3. First you must be logged in. On your myteam page there is a link to view your Team Profile. Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can see the data we currently hold for your team. You can change any part of it by clicking on the appropriate link. Note: We never display your password on the screen but you can change it here. You will get an email confirmation of any changes to your registered data.

Q4. Can I Stop/Start Receiving Email Reminders for Every Game Week?

A4. Yes you can change your email reminder status to stop receiving weekly reminders or to start receiving them. First you must be logged in. On your My Team page there is a link to view your Team Profile. Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can see your current email reminder status. You can change the value, to start receiving or stop receiving reminder emails, by clicking on the appropriate link.

Picking Strikers

Q5. Who can I pick for my team? Do they need to be strikers?

A5. This is the fantasy football game with no limits. You can pick anyone who is a first team squad member with any Premier League club - even the goalkeepers. You can pick all 8 strikers from the same club if you like. What you can not do is pick the same striker in more than one position.

Q6. How do players get in the Strikers Selection List?

A6. At the start of the Golden Boot Game the List of Strikers you can select from will contain at least one striker from each club chosen by the controllers. While selecting your strikers you will be able to 'write in' the names of one or more strikers who are not on the list and select the appropriate club in each case. A new striker who is selected for a team in the Golden Boot game will be added to the strikers list for the following week. You can, if you wish, write in the name of a striker who is already on the list but he will not be added a second time.

Q7. The striker I want to select is not on the list. How do I select him for a position in my team?

A7. First you need to remove the current player in that position, then click on 'WRITE IN NEW STRIKER' in the right hand column (near the top of the list of strikers). A form will appear allowing you to select the appropriate club and enter the initial and surname for a player. Then simply click on 'Add to Team' and the new striker will be placed in the vacant position in your team.

Q8. What is the New Strikers (Provisional) List?

A8. This is a list of strikers who have been selected using the Write In procedure during the current Week. It appears below the main strikers list because the entries need to be moderated for spelling etc. before being accepted. If the striker you want to select is in this list you can simply click on him in the usual way to add him to your team. You don't need to write him in again because another player has already done the work for you. Strikers from this list will be added to the main strikers list only if they are still selected at the selection deadline.

General Stuff

Q9. Why is it called the Golden Boot game?

A9. The leading goal scorer in various football competitions (including each Premier League season) receives a Golden Boot or Golden Shoe trophy. Unlike other fantasy football games this one only takes account of goals and goal scorers. So, it is this trophy that gives the game its name.

Q10. Why are there 8 strikers to a team?

A10. There need to be enough strikers so that everyone does not pick the same people. Equally, it should be possible that every player could score in a game week. Normally, a full Premier League program will see between 12 and 24 players scoring. However, up to a third of these would be people who would never be picked to score goals. Experience from previous seasons shows that 8 is a number that provides a reasonable variety of selections even when there are less than the full ten Premier League matches in a Week.

Q11. Why are there less than 38 weeks in the season? There are 38 matches for each cub.

A11. The game works on matches played in each game week. These normally start at midnight on Thursday an run to midnight on the following Thursday so it is possible for a Week to have two sets of Premier League fixtures. Also as there are weeks with no scheduled matches because of internationals, FA Cup matches etc. some game weeks are extended to cover two calendar weeks. Any extended game weeks will always have a full set of fixtures scheduled for the first calendar week. Any matches that are re-arranged into the second calendar week will become part of the extended game week and there will be no opportunity to change your strikers before these matches. In calendar weeks which have two sets of Premier League fixtures scheduled your chosen strikers will have double the chance to score.

Q12. Do re-arranged matches count for their original or new week?.

A12. All matches count for the game week in which they are actually played. Late postponements and abandonments can cause some selections to become void but it is the same for everyone who plays the Golden Boot Game. You will need to keep a careful check on the fixtures to be played during each game week.

Q13. Why is there no Premier League fixture list on the site?

A13. The Premier League holds copyrights on Premier League fixture lists and charges a fee to anyone who reproduces them. The legality of this practice has been called into question recently but we do not have the money to go to court over it. Luckily, there are several free sites that have the fixtures and we provide links to some of them.

Tables and Lists

Q14. What is the Value column in the Strikers List?

A14. As there are no arbitrary money values assigned to strikers in the Golden Boot Game, a striker's value is determined by the number of times he is picked and the positions he is picked in. In any week this can be expressed by the total number of points that will be scored by all teams each time he scores a goal. Of course, he may not score at all but this does not affect how highly Golden Boot Game players rated him when making their selections for a particular week. It just means he was overrated.

Q15. Why Does the Season's Goals for a striker in the List not match his Premier League goals?

A15. There are several reasons for this. Any goals scored by a striker before he is added to our list will not be recorded. So, strikers who are 'written in' later in the season will have fewer goals than they have actually scored. Also, any striker who has a goal taken away by the 'Dubious Goals Panel' of the Premier League might have more goals on our list because, by the rules of the Golden Boot Game, goals are never re-allocated. In effect, our list shows a total of all the strikers goals that could have counted in our game.

Q16. Why can't I see another team's scores by clicking on them in the table like on the old site?

A16. On this site you need to be signed in for this facility to be available. Once you have signed in this feature works exactly the same as on the old site.

Q17. Why does the table sometimes show last week's position and sometimes not?

A17. Last week's position is always shown when it is available. This will normally be from this game week's table being generated (after the last Premier League match is played) until the day we start preparing the tables for the next game week. The feature is removed as a consequence of our preparations to generate the tables for each game week but we will try to keep it available as long as possible each week.

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