Who Wins a Prize?

There is one major prize for the overall winner of the Golden Boot game (Champion's prize) and a prize for the team placed second overall (Second Prize). The Champion is the manager of the team with most total points after the completion of all game Weeks of the competition each season.

In addition there are smaller prizes for the winners of the Golden Boot Cup and for some of the winners of Hot Spot competitions which are run during the Golden Boot game season (Spot prizes).

Champion's Prize and Second Prize

The winner of the Champion's Prize can choose to receive vouchers to the value of £100.00 from the extensive selection at high street vouchers .com. The Second Prize winner can choose to receive vouchers to the value of £50.00 from the same extensive selection. Both the Champion's Prize and the Second Prize can be split between more than one type of voucher. Please see the section below on receiving vouchers.

Hot Spot Game and Golden Boot Cup Prizes

Throughout the season we will run Hot Spot games alongside the Golden Boot game. Small prizes will be awarded to the winners of most of these games. See the Hot Spot Games page for full rules of these competitions. Where a Hot Spot game has a prize for the winner this is referred to as a Hot Spot Prize (or just Spot Prize).

The team which wins the Golden Boot Cup will also receive a small prize. The prize options for winning the cup will be exactly the same as those for Hot Spot prize winners.

Hot Spot Prize winners and the winner of the Golden Boot Cup can choose from the following Golden Boot Game small prizes which can be sent to your home address anywhere in the world or they can donate the prize to charity instead:

Sample T-Shirt

Sample Golden Boot T-Shirt

Golden Boot T-shirt

You could choose a tastefully designed Golden Boot T-shirt, exclusive to the Golden Boot game. Choose your size from S, M, L or XL (childrens sizes are available on request). Note: the T-shirt shown here is an example. The T-shirt you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured here.


Or, how about twenty five pounds worth of vouchers from the same great selection as the Champion's prize winner. Choose from hundreds of vouchers which you can use to purchase goods and services either online or in person. For Spot Prizes the prize can NOT be split over more than one type of voucher.

Please see the section below on receiving vouchers to see if this is the right choice of prize for you.

Donate the Prize to Charity

If neither of our prize options appeal, you can request that we donate twenty five pounds to a charity of your choice. The chosen charity must be a UK registered charity which is available on the JustGiving web site . If you choose this prize option, simply email us to let us know and we will make the donation on your behalf.

Receiving Vouchers

All the vouchers on offer are only valid in the UK and have other terms and conditions attached. Any prize winner from outside the UK should read the section below. For UK winners it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions associated with the specific vouchers you choose for your prize. We at the Golden Boot game also have some terms and conditions of our own:

Winners From Outside UK

If you have the good fortune to win a prize and live outside the UK you will have a very limited choice of prizes. Should the Champion's Prize or Second Prize winner come from outside the UK we will do our best to supply a prize of similar value. Depending on the country you will receive the prize in, we may reduce the value of the prize to cover any extra expense involved in supplying the prize. This will all be decided by email discussion if the circumstance arises. For any Hot Spot Prize winners from outside the UK it is the T-shirt or a donation to the charity of your choice.

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