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Our Policy On Protecting Your Privacy


We take your privacy very seriously. Even though our web site does not have a secure server, we are committed to protecting your personal details. That is why we do not ask you to enter any personal information in our sign up process in addition to your email address. If we do not have your personal data, nobody can steal it from us. There is a fuller explanation of how and why our security works at the end of this page, should you need it.

Personal Information

Email Address

The only personal information held by the Golden Boot Game is the registered email address for each team. We will never reveal your registered email address to any other player or to any party outside the game.

We will use your registered email address only to communicate with you concerning our Goal Den games. We will never send advertising material for other products or web sites. We have taken measures to ensure that spam emails can not be sent from our address by third parties and we will never send you any spam emails.

All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for viruses and other types of malware. You will never receive any threat to your computer via our emails.

Sign in Password

The password which you use to sign in to your team on the Golden Boot Game web site is only used for verification. It is in no way designed to be a secret or encrypted password. We will never reveal it to anyone unless you request a password reminder and even then it will only be sent to your registered email address.

Because it is not an encrypted password you should never use any word or phrase that you use for secure online sites such as banking, shopping etc. as the password for your team. If someone does steal your password, it should be nothing more than your fantasy football score which is at risk.

Other Private Data

If you win a prize in the game, your team will be allocated prize tokens which you can later exchange for an actual prize. Depending on the prize you choose it may be necessary to ask you for your mailing address in order to send it to you (e.g. if you opt for one of our tee shirts). Your address information will only be used for the purpose of mailing you the prize in question. We will not retain the information on any computer or manual file. The information will be destroyed immediately after use.

Web Site


The Golden Boot game web site will not use any pop-up or pop-under advertising screens. There will be no animated or flash advertising to interfere with your use and enjoyment of the site.

Any advertising on the site is related to our sponsors and is supplied from the Golden Boot game site itself. You will never be left waiting for third party sites to load promtional content to any page within our site.

We try to provide you with as enjoyable and trouble free web environment as possible to play the Golden Boot game. From time to time we may include some advertising on the site to enable us to recoup the cost of providing prizes. We do not receive any money from you clicking on our sponsor's links (even if you make a purchase) but we would urge you to check out their sites anyway.

Our Security Policy Explained

Our security is based around two key factors. The first can be expressed as You can't steal anything from someone who has nothing. The second is that you control your registered email address at all times.

None of the data we collect from you is truly private. We don't need any payment information, your mother's maiden name or where you live. We don't even ask you to enter your name. The only thing we collect that might be of use to a scammer is your email address. Normal internet email is not a secure system so professional scammers don't need to hack into our site to get your email address. I'm sure you use your email address to sign in to other sites, one of which is probably email. This is why we need you to use a different password for the Golden Boot Game site. If a scammmer can get hold of your email address and password they can then try this combination on other sites. Those sites may have more of your private information stored. As long as your Golden Boot Game password does not allow access to those other sites, though, you are safe. We advertise widely that there is nothing to steal on our site and hackers know this and that we have very few users. We are just not worth their efforts. It's exactly like cracking open a safe and finding ten pence in it.

When someone tries to change your email address we take two precautions. We ask them to enter your password and we send a confirmation of the change to your old email address as well as the new one. This means that, if it was someone else changing your email address you will get to know about it and be able to take steps to negate the change. Contacting us would be a good start. If you do have to change your email address, that's fine. However, we will not allow you to exchange any prize tokens for a week after any email change. By this time we can be fairly sure the change was legitimate. Again, when there is a change to your team's password we require the existing password to be entered as well as the new one. You will be informed of the change at your registered email address. So, again if it is not you making the change you will find out. You can then contact us to sort it out. As a further level of security, we do not allow passwords and email addresses to be changed at the same time. If you need to do this (probably only as the result of a hack) you would need to sign off and sign back in again.

Finally, there are occasions when we need your mailing address so that we can send you a prize. In this case we always email you at your registered email address to request your mailing address. If you send it to us before we have requested it, we will still send an email to you asking you to confirm it. This is because it is very easy to spoof From adresses in emails. We need to make sure your mailing address comes from you before we send anything to it. Once used we will destroy it and remove it from all our emails and files. It is never at any time on our web site and only on our emails for as short a time as possible.

If you are reading this you obviously have concerns about our (lack of) security. I hope this reassures you that we do take it seriously and have thought through our processes with security in mind. In the end, our policy should ensure that anyone hacking into your team can only change your strikers. That might be annoying but should not be disastrous.

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