Our Policy On Protecting Your Privacy

Personal Information

Email Address

The only personal information held by the Golden Boot Game is the registered email address for each team. We will never reveal your registered email address to any other player or to any party outside the game.

We will use your registered email address only to communicate with you concerning Golden Boot games. We will never send advertising material for other products or web sites. We have taken measures to ensure that spam emails can not be sent from our address by third parties and we will never send you any spam emails.

All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for viruses and other types of malware. You will never receive any threat to your computer via our emails.

Log in Password

The password which you use to log in to your team on the Golden Boot Game web site is only used for verification. It is in no way designed to be a secret or encrypted password. We will never reveal it to anyone unless you request a password reminder and even then it will only be sent to your registered email address.

Because it is not an encrypted password you should never use any word or phrase that you use for secure online sites such as banking, shopping etc. as the password for your team.

Other Private Data

If you win a prize in the game, it will be necessary to ask you for your mailing address in order to send you the prize. This information will only be used for the purpose of mailing you the prize in question. We will not retain the information on any computer or manual file. The information will be destroyed immediately after use.

Web Site


The Golden Boot game web site will not use any pop-up or pop-under advertising screens. There will be no animated or flash advertising to interfere with your use and enjoyment of the site.

Any advertising on the site is related to our sponsors and is supplied from the Golden Boot game site itself. You will never be left waiting for third party sites to load promtional content to any page within our site.

We try to provide you with as enjoyable and trouble free web environment as possible to play the Golden Boot game. From time to time we may include some advertising on the site to enable us to recoup the cost of providing prizes. We do not receive any money from you clicking on our sponsor's links (even if you make a purchase) but we would urge you to check out their sites anyway.

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