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Terms of Use & Game Rules for the Golden Boot Website

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for users of the Golden Boot Game website are set out here. All users must read the terms and conditions before using the site. Use of the site means you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Golden Boot Game Rules

Playing the Golden Boot Game is the main purpose of this website. Without this game the website would not exist. The competition runs for the duration of each English Premier League season. All registered teams take part in this competition from their registration until the end of the season. All the rules that apply to this competition are set out on our rules page.

Golden Boot Cup Rules

The Golden Boot Cup is a knock out competition that runs alongside the Golden Boot Game. Various game Weeks are designated as Cup Weeks throughout the season. The rules that apply to this competition are set out in the Cup Rules page.

Hot Spot Game Rules

For every game Week of the season one of several Hot Spot Games will run in conjunction with the Golden Boot Game. So, no matter what position your team is in the overall game, they will still have opportunities to win something. The complete rules for Hot Spot Games in general and for each individual Hot Spot Game are shown in Hot Spot Game Rules page.

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