Golden Boot Players' Cup

Season 2020 - 2021

The Golden Boot Cup is Sponsored By: the Coach of Team M1.

The complete cup schedule for this season can be found on our Calendar page. Full rules for the Golden Boot Cup can be found on our Rules page

Final Tie - Week 29

M1 16 V15 Oxford Orange

Semi-Final Ties - Week 26

Team Of The Weak22 V25 M1

Upforthecup16 V22 Oxford Orange

Quarter Final Ties - Week 23

BF Giants 21 V23 Team Of The Weak

donnyvegasisback17 V32 M1

Oxford Orange19 V3 Ard Mhacha Abu

Upforthecup28 V19 Weakenders

First Round Ties - Week 19

donnyvegasisback25 V19 Annoyed Grandpa's Eight

Ingleborough Diamonds14 V17 Ard Mhacha Abu

M1 29 V22 Cheshire Town

TeakTemple14 V14 Upforthecup

Team Of The Weak22 V16 All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe

Tiny Dancer3 V30 BF Giants

Uttley Allstars12 V27 Oxford Orange

Weakenders29 V19 Lancashire Rover

First Round Replays - Week 20

Upforthecup 23 V 12 TeakTemple

Preliminary Round Ties - Week 10

Alabangers2 V7 Ingleborough Diamonds

Annoyed Grandpa's Eight19 V2 Sofy

BF Giants 3 V0 Magic Eight Balls

Bury Wanderer0 V4 Oxford Orange

Eight Wizards 0 V3 donnyvegasisback

M1 4 V4 Silly Rockets fc.

PJ Auxerre 0 V5 Tiny Dancer

Upforthecup7 V0 fdringo

Weakenders4 V0 J1

Preliminary Round Replays - Week 11

Silly Rockets fc. 18 V 22 M1

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