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The Golden Boot Arrowvean Cup

Season 2023 - 2024

The complete cup schedule for this season can be found on our Calendar page. Full rules for the Golden Boot Cup can be found on our Cup Rules page.

Final Tie - Week 32

Alabangers20 V26 Magic Eght Balls

Semi-Final Ties - Week 29

Alabangers25 V21 Sofy

Weakenders12 V17 Magic Eght Balls

Quarter Final Ties - Week 25

Alabangers28 V3 Molineux Marauders

Bury Wanderer31 V32 Sofy

Magic Eght Balls36 V32 Tels boot boys

Weakenders26 V23 fdringo

Second Round Ties - Week 22

Alabangers29 V28 Team Of The Weak

Annoyed Grandpa's Eight11 V21 Molineux Marauders

Bury Wanderer29 V28 All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe

Cheshire Town29 V33 Magic Eght Balls

fdringo42 V16 The Molineux Marauders

M120 V23 Weakenders

Sofy45 V16 BF Giants

Tels boot boys30 V16 Ming's dynasty

First Round Ties - Week 19

All New Goal Monkeys Deluxe5 V1 Merrall's Marauders

BF Giants11 V10 Lancashire Rover

Bury Wanderer17 V7 OneunitedfanTrev

Eight Wizards2 V28 Sofy

M122 V18 J1J1

Magic Eght Balls23 V4 We Are THE REDS

Ming's dynasty14 V13 Imperial Boozeboys

Noboots16 V17 Alabangers

Pain in the Arsenal21 V21 Molineux Marauders

PJ Auxerre10 V25 Cheshire Town

Silly Rockets14 V19 Team Of The Weak

Tels boot boys3 V2 The Magic Magpies NCFC

The Molineux Marauders10 V0 Forest Forever

Weakenders22 V21 Upforthecup

First Round Replays - Week 20

Molineux Marauders 23 V 21 Pain in the Arsenal

Byes to Round 2:

The following teams have received a bye into Round 2: Annoyed Grandpa's Eight and fdringo.

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