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Week #4 - Newcomers Post Week's Top Score

Published: 7 October 2020

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First we need to apologise for the error in the results published on Sunday night. Liverpool’s goals were unfortunately entered for Mane rather than Salah. This was just finger trouble as the two strikers are right next to each other on the screen. No technical hitch or brain fade was involved. Thank you to the Coach of Lancashire Rover for pointing out the error. We found it at about the same time as we read their comment on Monday. Our checks confirmed the message and the message confirmed our checks. It is good to know someone out there is keeping an eye on our work. We will try to run our checks earlier in future, even when it is a Sunday night update.


We had 35 strikers selected in Week #4. Eleven of them were responsible for scoring the seventeen goals that resulted in points for the Golden Boot Game. Seventeen of our teams had two goals from Salah and the same number had Sterling’s single strike. Similarly, thirteen teams had two Kane goals and the same number Calvert-Lewin’s. A hat-trick for Watkins and a brace for Son each helped just two teams as both contributed eighteen points. The usual penalty from Fernandes benefitted four teams. Wilson’s brace helped three of our teams the same as Maupay’s single strike. The other two scorers, Antonio and Saint-Maximin had just one selection each with the former’s worth six points to the latter’s one. The Week #4 average score was 23.3 points with every one of our teams getting at least two goals.

You wait four Weeks for a team to get five scorers and then three come along at once. Pride of place among the three goes to newcomers Annoyed Grandpa’s Eight who had goals from all their top five selections for a Week’s best 43 points. M1 also had five scorers contributing 37 points from a Week’s best nine goals thanks to Watkins in their 1-point position. Teak Temple and donnyvegasisback may have had just four scorers but they provided 35 points and 33 points respectively. The third team with five scores was fdringo one of three teams to add 32 points in Week #4.

The leaders, Ingleborough Diamonds, were one of just two teams in the standings to finish Week #4 in the same position as they started. Having said that, their lead has been cut to twelve points by the team moving into second place, Ard Mhacha Abu. BF Giants slipped from second to third but maintained their seventeen point gap to the leaders. All three of these teams passed the century of points during the Week. The Week’s most significant move came from M1 who moved up from ninth to fourth place some 22 points behind the leaders. Amazingly, M1 have three goals from every striker position except position 6 who has yet to contribute. No other team can show anything like such consistency but three teams have now got goals from all their eight positions. High flyers Ard Mhacha Abu and BF Giants are two of these with mid-table Eight Wizards completing the set. Eight Wizards have just seventeen goals spread among their eight positions while BF Giants already have at least two goals from every position.


With their nine goals being the Week’s top score M1 have moved up to sit just two goals behind the leaders in seventh place. Four of the teams above them share top spot of whom both Weakenders and Ingleborough Diamonds posted six goals this Week. Last Week’s top two BF Giants and Team Of The Weak are the others sharing top spot with the latter currently leading the tie-break. One goal ahead of M1 are Bury Wanderer and Ard Mhacha Abu in joint fifth. Seven goals this Week from fdringo has taken them into joint tenth place but such is the congestion at the top of the table they are only four goals behind the leaders. When we return from the international break there will be three more Weeks before the first prize of the season is won. The last match of Week #7 has been scheduled for Monday 2nd November. By Tuesday 3rd one of our Coaches will be celebrating. However, with the standings as close as they are it is going to be some time until we have any idea which Coach that will be.


I can confirm that the donations to NHS Charities Together and UNICEF have been made and I have included details of these donations below. In the end 240 pounds was donated with approximately 80 per cent going to the NHS charity. I believe this fairly reflects the approximate split of our teams, about 20 per cent of which seem to be based outside the UK. It is hard to be certain considering the limited information we have about our players but I know a couple of them are based outside the UK and one or two others seem to have an overseas connection. There was a time when our teams represented every continent apart from Africa but then we used to have more players.

Your Donation Receipt Details. Your donation will now be transferred safely to NHS Charities Together so they can continue their amazing work.
Name Anon
Donation Reference 178099476
Donation Date 4 October 2020
Charity Name NHS Charities Together
Charity Registration Number 1186569
Charity Just Giving page URL
Donation Summary Total amount charged £190.00

Your Donation Receipt Details. Your donation will now be transferred safely to Unicef UK so they can continue their amazing work.
Name Anon
Donation Reference 280026930
Donation Date 6 October 2020
Charity Name Unicef UK
Charity Registration Number 1072612 (England & Wales) and SC043677 (Scotland)
Charity JustGiving page URL
Donation Summary Total amount charged £50.00


It is perhaps fortunate that there are no scores to be added to our web site before our next blog is published. That will be late on Wednesday16th October. We will be looking at the lessons to be learnt from the short close season and the start of this new season. Hopefully we will be able to take some positive lessons from what has been a difficult period for the Golden Boot Game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 10:59 on 5 October 2020

Noticed that salah two goals have not been credited to him


at: 14:49 on 5 October 2020

Thank you for pointing this out. Two goals were credited to Mane by mistake. Finger trouble rather than technical error. All sorted now but it does affect the tables somewhat.

From: M1

at: 12:16 on 21 October 2020

The change I would like to see is that once a striker is taken out of it's original position you can't move that striker back into that same position. Example: Kane is selected as my 8 point banker in week 1. The following week I want to leave him out of my selections as he is injured. The next time I select him the best position available is a 7 point position or lower! Other option was not to drop Kane and take a nil point hit for the week. Kane would still keep scoring 8 pointers until he has been moved...

From: M1

at: 13:44 on 22 October 2020

The flaw I see in attracting new players is that once the season is in full swing most players will be choosing the same high scoring strikers from the big six clubs... This means that if you are not in the top chasing positions by then you have little chance of catching the leaders!!!

From: Team Of The Weak

at: 13:45 on 23 October 2020

Sorry M1 but I'm not keen on the idea & it might be a bit difficult to administer .The main selling point of the game is that you start each week with a new line up with no restrictions .

From: M1

at: 20:11 on 23 October 2020

Agreed TOTW it would be a nightmare to set up on the tech side! In many ways there would be more of a strategy choice. At the moment who is not going to pick the top scoring strikers in the highest position rather than gamble on the likes of Watkins, Bamford, Wilson and others that feature only in the bottom positions if at all most weeks. Good to hear your feedback thou TOTW.

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