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Registering To Play The Golden Boot Game 2022 - 2023 Season

Published: 29 June 2022

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We are just about ready to go for the 2022 – 2023 season of the Golden Boot Game. We have the basics of the calendar worked out. Every one of next season’s Premier League fixtures has been assigned to a game Week and we have added our new World Cup related prizes to the PRIZES page. I would not say that everything is ready to start the season on 1st July but we are ready for you to register your teams and select your strikers for Week #1. We are also confident that by the start of Week #1 everything will be ready to go.


Signing your team up to play the Golden Boot Game is something that only happens once a season. For most of our existing players it will be almost a year since they last went through this process and, as always, we are hopeful that there will be some new players who have never signed up before. Because registering to play for the new season is something that doesn’t happen every Week, I will go through the key parts of the process. For those with good memories, it has not changed from last season.

The first part of the registration form is where you enter the most important information: your email address and your password. You really need to get your email address correct. The registration process, and all other communication with the Golden Boot Game, depends on being able to contact you using your email address. If we can’t contact you, you will not be able to play. Your password is also very important. Crucially it is not an encrypted password, it is simply used to verify your access to our web site. This means you must not use a password that you also use for online banking or shopping, social media, email or any other secure system that you would not like hackers to get into. We always recommend you choose something simple and memorable that relates to football. The key to our security is that someone who hacks your Golden Boot Game password will only be able to change your strikers in a fantasy football game. I am not aware of any hacking groups who think this is worthwhile but you never know. The final field on the first part of the registration form asks you a really easy question. This is to prove you are a human being and not one of those malware programs that plague the internet. Here we could use those captcha images where you select the pictures with traffic lights etc. Humans struggle with those nearly as much as non-humans, whereas our method is simple and it works and the answer is gold.

The second part of the registration form is slightly different depending on whether you played last season or not. If the email address entered in the first part matches an active email from last season, the team name used last season will be automatically entered in the corresponding field. You can change this if you want (say from Lukwhosbak to Lukwhosgonagain). Newcomers to the Golden Boot Game will need to enter a new team name, of course. Any new team name cannot be one that was used by another email address last season and it must be unique for the new season. Once a player registers a team name it cannot be registered by anyone else. After entering a team name, you need to decide if you need an email reminder when the selection deadline is approaching for each game Week. These are sent out between 24 hours and 48 hours before the deadline. I know some people find these useful, especially when the Week starts with one of those pesky Friday night matches (like Week #1). Once you have wrestled with that question, you just need to tick the box to say you have read the terms and conditions and you are good to go. Unfortunately, while the form filling is now over, there is another step before you can log in to your team.

When your registration is accepted we send you an email to confirm it. This email contains your team number. You need your team number to log in to your team until you have activated it by selecting strikers for Week #1. After that you can use your email address to log in. It is possible that you do not receive the email confirming your registration. The email system is not infallible and there are often glitches in it which lead to messages not getting through. If you don’t get your team number, you should go to our CONTACT page and get in touch with us. We will usually be expecting this as we keep a careful eye on registrations. Unfortunately, as the most common reason you don’t receive the team number is that your email address was entered wrongly, we cannot contact you. When you contact us we will usually be able to sort out the problem quickly. We have had this happen several times in previous seasons, and we have always managed to get players up and running within a couple of days. We even have emergency measures we can use so you don’t miss any selection deadlines.


Registering your team is only the first step to playing the Golden Boot Game. You will also need to pick a team of eight strikers. At the start of the season we create a list of strikers that you can choose from. This list usually contains one or two strikers from each club. Normally these will include the club’s top scorer from last season. If the striker you want to pick is not in our list, you can add any squad member from any Premier League club using our ‘write in’ facility.

This season it has been difficult to know which strikers we should put on our list from certain clubs (Everton and Southampton spring to mind). With the transfer window open and the rumour mill working overtime it is not clear who might start the season still at their current club. We will be trying to keep up to date with any transfers, as always. We will, in any case, make sure there is at least one striker in our list from each club.


At midnight on 30th June the data from last season will start to disappear from our web site. We will then load the data for the 2022 – 2023 season. Sometime on 1st July you should be able to register teams again. The good thing, though, is you will have plenty of time before the season actually starts. Our next web log will be published on Wednesday 6th July. We will cover any issues which come up as a result of players trying to register for the new season and bring you up to date with our plans for the 2022 – 2023 season.

Player Comments on the Blog


at: 17:57 on 22 May 2022

Fantastic season by Weakenders
... Many congrats indeed!!!


at: 20:24 on 22 May 2022

Congratulation to coach of weekenders on winning Golden Boot Game and team of the week on coming second.

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