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Golden Boot Game Web Log

How To Assign Prize Tokens To Another Team

Published: 13 October 2021

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This Week’s blog is again mainly talking about prize tokens. I have got to admit that if you have only one team in the Golden Boot Game you might as well skip to the final section straight away. For those players who have more than one team in the Golden Boot Game you would do well to read all the sections. Especially if you might now or in the future wish to amalgamate the prize tokens from more than one team, this blog contains lots of vital information.


This only applies to those players who have more than one team in the Golden Boot Game. Let’s look at why you might want to assign your team’s tokens to a different team, first. Suppose you have a team that has won a single Weekly prize amounting to five prize tokens. You are pretty restricted with what you can do with five tokens. Then your other team wins one of our Hot Spot Games for twenty prize tokens. By assigning one of your teams to control all your tokens you can now exchange all 25 of your prize tokens for a voucher.

If you are an organised sort of player, you may have one email address that you use for online shopping. For convenience you might keep your electronic vouchers in a folder related to that same email address. If you assign the prize tokens from all your Golden Boot Game teams to the registered team that shares your shopping email address, you will be able to get any vouchers sent to that address automatically, even if the prize tokens were won by one of your other teams with a different email address.

Consolidation of prize tokens and the convenience of controlling them under one email address are just two of the reasons to assign a single team to control all your prize tokens. You might well have your own personal reasons for doing this. The good thing is that you don’t have to wait until you actually win some tokens to make the assignment. You can do it at any time. In fact it might be a good idea to do it while this blog is still available, so that you can use it as a guide.


When assigning prize tokens only the team giving up sole control of its tokens can make the assignment. A team cannot take control of any other team’s prize tokens, that control must be given. Even after assigning control to another team, every team retains control of its own prize tokens. Your team either has sole control of its prize tokens or joint control with the assigned team. As with redeeming prize tokens, you need to log in to your team and go to the My Profile page. Here there will be one of three situations which we will now address.

We will start with the situation which covers all teams at the moment. Your team has sole control of its prize tokens and no assignment has been made. At the bottom of the My Profile page is a form which allows you to assign control of your tokens to another team. You simply need to select a team then click the Assign Team button. It is a good idea to select a team you control but mistakes do occur so you can always assign your prize tokens to PJ Auxerre if you like. I’m sure I will be able to use them wisely.

The second situation is where your team has already assigned control of its prize tokens to another team and you want to change or delete this assignment. Perhaps, you don’t want PJ Auxerre to spend all your hard earned prize tokens. In this case there is a link on the My Profile page which takes you to another web page. Here there is a link that allows you to delete your current assignment, thus giving your team sole control of your prize tokens again. There is also a form that allows you to change the team you assigned to control your prize tokens. This is very like the form you used to assign control initially. You simply select a team and click on the button to assign control of your prize tokens to the new team.

The final scenario for your team is when other teams have assigned control of their prize tokens to it. So, it controls tokens for more than one team. In this case you cannot assign your team’s prize tokens to another team and there will be no option to do so on your My Profile page. You can only have two levels of hierarchy, those teams that control other teams’ prize tokens as well as their own and those teams that have assigned control of their prize tokens but still have joint control.


We return from the international break with a fairly straightforward Week. All twenty Premier League clubs have one match scheduled giving us a total of ten fixtures. We start back with Watford taking on Liverpool on Saturday lunchtime. This means the selection deadline for Week #8 will be 11:00 am on Saturday 16th October. There are a total of seven matches on Saturday followed by two on Sunday. This leaves a final match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace on Monday night. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle at the Emirates.

Our next web log will be published late on Wednesday 20th October. Unlike this one, we will have news of how the Premier League goals affected the Golden Boot Game and the Super Striker Game. We will, also, have a lot less about prize tokens. That’s a promise.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Cheshire Town

at: 20:48 on 22 September 2021

great blog as usual and especially the mention of jimmy greaves. What a player and how tragic that he was injured and unable to play in the world cup final in 1966. He was my hero, RIP.
Best of luck to all in the spot prize final week, you may be right i may be due a bad week! YNWA

From: Cheshire Town

at: 20:48 on 27 September 2021

Congratulations to the manager of Weakenders on winning the quantum accelerator game. There seems to be no way of stopping you, well played. best regards cheshre town manager YNWA

From: Weakenders

at: 9:56 on 2 October 2021

Thanks for the kind comments I didn't realize I'd won until I read them I thought there was another week to go ! Even more rewarding is that I'm an Everton fan !

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 12:17 on 2 October 2021

you can get help for that YNWA

From: Cheshire Town

at: 16:00 on 2 October 2021

weakenders manager, great result for your team, unlucky not to win YNWA. Let's hear from other managers who they support

From: Weakenders

at: 12:15 on 3 October 2021

Lukwhosbak is nephew who supports Chelsea , Silly Rockets is an old long distance friend of mine who supports Wolves . I’ve just checked the latest table but only 2 points scored from all our teams so far incredible !

From: Bury Wanderer

at: 23:39 on 3 October 2021

my team is Bury fc, no longer in the league but always in my heart

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