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Week #12 - 'Bury Wanderer' Back On Top

Published: 18 December 2020


With a couple of Thursday night matches delaying things you can expect this blog to be a little shorter than usual. I suppose that is something that both the readers and the writer can be thankful for. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.


We are used to getting no points for the Golden Boot Game from Friday night matches but not having any by Saturday night, with five matches completed, was a bit unexpected. At that point we were glad that Week #12 was our first double game Week of the season. On Sunday Adams quickly redeemed the situation, enabling three teams to get off the mark. This seemed to spur on the Week’s three most popular selections, Vardy, Salah and Kane. One team was even able to add Maddison’s brace, so that half way through Week #12 the average was already in double figures. The second set of matches started on Tuesday with three more strikers adding points. On Wednesday four more strikers scored their only goal of the Week, including Aubameyang. It was good to see some reward for the fourteen teams who still had faith in the pre-season favourite for the Premier League’s golden boot. More significantly, though, Salah scored for the second match in Week #12. Already the leading points contributor, he became the must have for a big score this Week. The final match of the Week brought three more goals from Rashford and Martial to give an average score of 24 points for Week #12.

Two of our teams had six scorers and seven goals this Week. For donnyvegaisback this produced a Week’s best total of 35 points and Magic Eight Balls were just one point behind. Silly Rockets fc. had 32 points from their six goals and were joined on that mark by five goal Bury Wanderer. On 31 points from six goals were fdringo with five goal M1 matching them. Every one of these teams had Salah in the 8-point or 7-point position, as did Team Of The Weak on thirty points.

The top seven teams in the overall classification all shuffled their positions again in Week #12 with Bury Wanderer going back to the top. Taking over their second place, three points behind, sit donnyvegasisback with former leaders BF Giants dropping to third a further two points back. In fourth place, eight points behind the leaders, are Team Of The Weak two points ahead of M1 who move up two places from seventh.. This means both Weakenders and Lancashie Rover drop a place with the former now fifteen points behind the leaders and the latter a further four points away. The extra matches may have left the same teams in the top seven but the gaps between them have opened significantly. There’s still plenty of time to bridge those gaps, though.


Unlike the overall classification, BF Giants, held on to the lead in the Quantum Accelerator Game but it is now a much closer race. The other two teams in the top three are the teams that posted seven goals in Week #12 with donnyvegasisback just two points behind the leaders and Magic Eight Balls three points further back. Next come two of the teams who posted six goals this Week led by Eight Wizards who are seven points behind the leaders and a point ahead of fdringo. Slipping back to sixth place but still only ten points behind the leaders are Weakenders who could only match the five goals of the leaders.

Week #13 is the final Week of the Quantum Accelerator Game when the quantum value reaches its maximum of six. This means every goal your team scores in this final Week scores six points. The top three in the table are all within one goal and two goals covers the top six. Below that teams need three or more goals more than the leaders and the teams above them to all slip up. That is a long shot but if my team were in the top ten, I would still have some hope. Could there be a pre-Christmas Quantum Accelerator Game miracle?


Week #13 is scheduled to be a normal Week for the Golden Boot Game. We start with a Saturday lunchtime match between Crystal Palace and Liverpool. This means the selection deadline for Week #13 is 11:00 am on Saturday 19th December. There are another three matches to be played on Saturday and four more on Sunday. This leaves two matches for Monday night when the last match of the Week sees Chelsea entertain West Ham. We will be updating our web site shortly after the final whistle at Stamford Bridge and we should be able to announce the winners of the Quantum Accelerator Game before the night is out.

We will be contacting the prize winner on Tuesday 22nd December, when we will also be making the draw for the Round 1 of the Players’ Cup (the last sixteen). The next web log will be published on Wednesday 23rd December. It will have all the details of how the Quantum Accelerator Game was won and the pre-Christmas news from the Golden Boot Game. There will also be details of our third Hot Spot Game game of the season which starts in Week #14. Last but not least we should find room for news of the Cup draw.

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