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Cup Preview & More On Our Plans For Next Season

Published: 31 March 2021

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I want to start by thanking everyone who gave us heir feedback on last week’s blog. I’m glad to say it was overwhelmingly positive. It does mean we will need to change things in other areas as well as the Prizes area. One of these is how we handle registering to play from season to season. We discus the changes in this area below.


The changes to our prizes mean that we must be careful when teams are registered for a season. It is important that the prize tokens carried over from the previous season are assigned correctly when the new season gets going. Those who have played for many seasons will remember when the Team Number was the unique identifier for a team. Those days we allowed teams with the same name distinguished by their number. After requests from the players, we opted for unique team names. This has meant the gradual decline in importance of the team number. It has already disappeared from the Golden Boot Players’ Cup. However, it is about to become more important.

When you register a team for next season you will be asked to enter an email address and a password, as usual, on the first screen. If your email address matches a known email address (one used this season) we will propose your current team name and carry forward any prize tokens from the previous season (there won’t actually be any from this season, though). You can change your team name at this point, if you wish (to “Some Old Goal Monkeys Decrepit” perhaps). We need to make sure that the email address is being registered by its owner and not someone else trying to get at their prize tokens. We never reveal your email address to other players but lots of other people know your email and some of them may play our game.

To ensure integrity, we will send an email to the registered email address with a new team number. This team number with the password will be required to login until players have picked their first squad of eight strikers for their team. After that they will be able to use their email address to login or continue to use their team number. As only the owner of the email address receives the team number, only they can make the first login. However, only our imaginary potential thief knows the password. The email owner can request a password reminder and, once logged in can change the password to their own value. Thus, the email owner remains in control of their account and any prize tokens.

This does mean we need to change the way we allocate our team numbers. Currently we just use the next sequential number from 5000 upwards (I’m sure many of you have noticed this). In future we will be introducing a random element so that those who register more than one team will no longer be able to predict their subsequent team numbers. As always, if you do not receive an email confirming your registration within 48 hours, you will need contact us. We can and will help get you playing the Golden Boot Game again.


There is no doubt that the international break will make it harder to select the best strikers for Week #26. In a perfect world we would try to avoid playing the Cup semi-finals in such a Week. This is not a normal season, however, and we must make the best of it. When you consider that both semi-finals are too close to call, a low scoring Week will just increase the chances of one or both ties going to a replay. Remember that any replay(s) will be played in Week #27 (next Week).

The match up between the top two in the overall standings is obviously the stand out tie. M1 have played every round to this point and a replay while Team Of The Weak had a bye in the Preliminary Round, so have only played twice. Analysis of those Cup rounds shows that M1 outscored them on both occasions. Current form also gives M1 a slight advantage. Given that the teams are so equally matched over the whole season, I’m going to use these stats to pick M1 to go to the final.

The other semi-final teams have both played in all three previous rounds with Upforthecup needing a replay to get through the First Round. Oxford Orange are, therefore, the only team left in the contest to have three wins from three ties. On Cup form there is even less between these teams than the top two, so I’m going to go on current form. This would seem to indicate that Upforthecup can get through. They have been steadily rising up the rankings in recent Weeks while, even allowing for their late start to the season, Oxford Orange have stayed stubbornly close to the bottom. I am going for Upforthecup to get through. Having said that, Oxford Orange are leading the standings in the Half and Half Game and have experience on their side so I could be wrong (again).


We return from the international break with a normal Golden Boot Game Week. There are ten Premier League fixtures scheduled and each club has one match to play. The Week starts with a Saturday lunchtime match between Chelsea and West Brom. The selection deadline will, therefore, be at the normal time of 11:00 am on 3rd April. For our overseas players I should mention that the UK has moved to British Sumer Time, which is our version of Daylight Saving Time. This means our clocks are now one hour ahead of GMT. Make sure you don’t miss the deadline.

There are three later matches on Saturday and four more on Sunday. Monday has the final two matches of the Week. We will be updating the web site shortly after the final whistle in the match between Wolves and West Ham. Our next web log will be published on Wednesday 7th April. We will have news from the semi-finals of the Golden Boot Players’ Cup as well as the usual reports on the Golden Boot Game and the Half and Half Game.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: M1

at: 19:18 on 19 March 2021

The draw for the Semi-Final of the Players' Cup has thrown up a possible cup and league double for Team OF The Weak or M1...... But maybe both teams will do a Leeds United!!! Tis a tasty draw indeed.....

From: M1

at: 19:17 on 25 March 2021

The controllers have come up with ground breaking changes for next season. The shake up for more chances to be rewarded for weekly scores will benefit so many more players in the Golden Boot.... Prize tokens are very inventive and a bold and welcome innovation to the game... A big pat on the back for the controllers. Good to see the sponsors Arrowvean Cottage also returning...

From: Bury Wanderer

at: 14:19 on 29 March 2021

Agree with everything M1 as said.

From: Team Of The Weak

at: 18:19 on 9 April 2021

Well played MI in our cup semi-final game. It was the bold selection of Salah (who hadn't scored in his previous 5 games) at position 3 that won it for them .

From: M1

at: 16:35 on 10 April 2021

Thanks Team Of The Weak, it was always going to be a close call and yes down to one player in the end!!! Could have gone either way this tie and I guess I got lucky on the day..... I'm sure your challange for the main event is now firmly in your sights... I will be more than happy just to win the Players' Cup this season, but Oxford Orange will be quite a tough challange indeed!

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