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Week #3 - Ingleborough Diamonds' Open Big Lead

Published: 30 September 2020

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Week #3 continued the early pattern from the first two Weeks with the number of selected scorers increasing but the total number of points decreasing. With the number of teams taking part also increasing (slightly), there has been a consequent decline in the average score Week on Week. As we approach the first international break of the season (the September one was just before the new season started) we can only hope that this trend doesn’t last too long. It may just be that our Coaches need to re-set for the new campaign by swapping out some of those who were free scoring last season and replacing them with those who have form this season.


Of the 32 strikers selected in Week #3 twenty failed to score. These included seven of the eight top selections. Of those who did score Vardy’s hat-trick provided over forty per cent of the Week’s total points for the eight teams who had him amongst their strikers. The scorer who helped most teams was Mane with ten selections. Three scorers had selections from five teams. In order of points contributed (lowest first) they were Ings, Fernandes and Richarlison whose teammate Calvert-Lewin had six picks. Of the other six scorers three had just one selection, Wilson and Bamford providing two points each to Abraham’s five. The other three had twice as many selections with Maupay getting three points while Lacazette and Rashford had nine each. The average score continued its downward trend to 10.3 points with one team (not PJ Auxerre) missing out completely.

We still await this season’s first team to have five scorers in a Week. Just two teams had four Week #3 scorers, both getting six goals in the process. Ingleborough Diamonds had by far the best score with Vardy alone getting them more points than any other team could manage. Their 37 point total was a full fifteen better than the next best posted by BF Giants who also had four scorers, and matched by Ard Mhacha Abu who had just two scorers. The highest score by a team without Vardy’s goals was twelve points from newcomers Silly Rockets fc. Only one of the eight Vardy teams scored lower than this, his three points lifting J1 to a magnificent seven.

Some seasons have seen the standings stabilise quite early but we still have considerable churn this season. The three best scorers in Week #3 have now taken up the top three places in the overall standings with Ingleborough Diamonds opening a seventeen point gap at the top putting them in sight of a century already. BF Giants have also risen two places to second, four points clear of Ard Mhacha Abu who move up from sixth to third. This means last Week’s leaders, Lancashire Rover, have dropped to fourth place, a full 25 points behind the new leaders. The top eleven teams are the same as last Week but in a completely different order. The top four teams are among half a dozen who already have goals from seven of their eight positions. There is no reward for being the first to have a full house except the honour, of course. I think both Ard Mhacha Abu and Magic Eight Balls should make a special effort to complete the set next Week, though, as both are without only an 8-point goal. I can excuse a bit of rustiness from the returning Ard Mhacha Abu but the five time champions are letting themselves down.


Six goals in Week #3 was enough to take BF Giants into a slender lead over last Week’s leaders Team Of The Weak. Fellow six goal scorers Ingleborough Diamonds have moved up into third place; a position they share with last Week’s second placers, Weakenders, and Ard Mhacha Abu. We are not yet at the half way stage in this contest and it is certainly possible for any gaps opened in the first half to be closed in the second half, in theory. However, those teams with a goals total which is still in single figures need to improve quickly to stand any chance of taking victory in just over a month’s time.


We have spent some of the past couple of weeks trying to persuade our anonymous charity donors to double the amount of their donation for the teams currently registered and/or to extend the time so that we can get more teams to register. Phrases like ‘rewarding failure’ were used. However, I have been able to show that we now have more active teams than at this time last season (one more) which, given the condensed time scale, should be seen as a result. I’m not sure I was totally convincing but, after stressing what the charities could do with the money, I was asked to choose between the doubling up and the extension. Obviously, I chose to raise the amount to a ten pounds donation per active team. There is no way we will get 48 teams this season. It appears, then, that the donation will total 240 pounds, unless there are any last minute registrations. We would have liked more but should be grateful for what we have achieved. Thank you to everyone who signed up and activated their team in time.


Week #4 includes the October break in the Premier League schedule for international matches to be played. This has two consequences; the first is that Week #4 lasts for two calendar weeks, the second is that all Premier League matches need to be completed before Monday 5th October. Before then there are ten Premier League fixtures scheduled with every club having one match. We start with a lunchtime match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace the first of four fixtures on Saturday. This means the selection deadline is at the usual time of 11:00 am on 3rd October. The remaining six fixtures are scheduled for Sunday. The final match of Week #4 on Sunday night sees Aston Villa host Liverpool. We will be updating our web site with the Week #4 points shortly after the final whistle at Villa Park.

Our next web log will be published late on Wednesday7th October. We will, once again, be rounding up all the goals and points that affected the Golden Boot Game and the Total Goals Game. We should also have news of the charitable donations resulting from our September sign-ups.

Player Comments on the Blog

From: Lancashire Rover

at: 10:59 on 5 October 2020

Noticed that salah two goals have not been credited to him


at: 14:49 on 5 October 2020

Thank you for pointing this out. Two goals were credited to Mane by mistake. Finger trouble rather than technical error. All sorted now but it does affect the tables somewhat.

From: M1

at: 12:16 on 21 October 2020

The change I would like to see is that once a striker is taken out of it's original position you can't move that striker back into that same position. Example: Kane is selected as my 8 point banker in week 1. The following week I want to leave him out of my selections as he is injured. The next time I select him the best position available is a 7 point position or lower! Other option was not to drop Kane and take a nil point hit for the week. Kane would still keep scoring 8 pointers until he has been moved...

From: M1

at: 13:44 on 22 October 2020

The flaw I see in attracting new players is that once the season is in full swing most players will be choosing the same high scoring strikers from the big six clubs... This means that if you are not in the top chasing positions by then you have little chance of catching the leaders!!!

From: Team Of The Weak

at: 13:45 on 23 October 2020

Sorry M1 but I'm not keen on the idea & it might be a bit difficult to administer .The main selling point of the game is that you start each week with a new line up with no restrictions .

From: M1

at: 20:11 on 23 October 2020

Agreed TOTW it would be a nightmare to set up on the tech side! In many ways there would be more of a strategy choice. At the moment who is not going to pick the top scoring strikers in the highest position rather than gamble on the likes of Watkins, Bamford, Wilson and others that feature only in the bottom positions if at all most weeks. Good to hear your feedback thou TOTW.

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