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Week #15 - 'Weakenders' Take Over Top Spot

Published: 15 January 2021


It is January, which means the transfer window is open. So far the only move affecting the Golden Boot Game is Haller’s departure from West Ham. Those with very sharp eyes may have noticed he is no longer in the list of strikers registered for selection or in the Strikers List table. For those of us with the misfortune to have selected him, he does still appear on the list of our team’s selections so far this season. In my case a reminder of the three times I backed him and the zero points with which he rewarded my faith.

This January we have to keep track of a volatile fixture list as well as transfers, so we can’t always guarantee that strikers leaving the Premier League will be removed from selection in a timely manner. As always, it is your responsibility to ensure your selected strikers still play for a Premier League club at the selection deadline for any Week. However, you don’t need to worry if one of your selections moves from one Premier League club to another. In that case, any goals he scores for the new club will still count towards your team’s score.


The scoring in Week #15 started in the same way as it had in Week #14, with two Man Utd strikers getting a goal each. It became clear that it would be a better scoring Week when two Spurs strikers, both with more selections, joined the party (not that party!). Lacazette’s double kept the scoring moving on Saturday and De Bruyne added significant points on Sunday. This meant that every one of our teams had some points after the first set of matches despite the postponement at Burnley. We would have to wait until the penultimate match of the Week for the next Golden Boot Game points. Kane, doubling his tally, now had more points than the other eight contributions combined. With nothing to add on Thursday, the Week #16 average score remained at 19.7 points.

Cheshire Town were the only team to have five goal scorers this Week. Their seven goals were also the Week’s best but the 29 points they scored was beaten by four teams. Upforthecup had the best total with 34 points from their six goals and doubles from their top two selections. Two teams, Silly Rockets fc. and M1, posted 33 points from six goals and Weakenders were just a point behind from their six goals. Team Of The Weak were the best of the five goal teams matching the 29 points of Cheshire Town from just three scorers.

Good returns for Weakenders and Team Of The Weak has taken them into the top two positions. The former leading the way by five points. Bury Wanderer retained third place a further five points adrift. Four points further back donnyvegasisback move up a place to fourth ahead of last Week’s leaders BF Giants who are now twenty points behind the leaders in fifth. So, it’s the same five teams in the top five places but the order has changed and, more significantly, the gaps have opened up. If the new top teams can increase those gaps this may be a significant part of the season even though we are not yet half way. Time will tell.


Eight teams added two gold medals to their tally in the second Week of the Medals Table Game. For seven of them these were their first golds. Only Upforthecup already had a gold medal from the first Week. As they also gained two silvers this Week they now have a clear lead. Magic Eight Balls were one of three teams able to add one silver to their two golds and, already having a silver from last Week, they move into second place. Teak Temple had two bronzes from last Week to add to their silver and two golds from this, giving them third place from Team Of The Weak who had drawn a blank last Week. We know things can change in an instant in this game and there will be every chance for teams to make their mark next Week as long as matches get played and plenty of goals are scored.


Week #16 is a bit like Week #15 but shorter. It only lasts for a single calendar week. There are fourteen matches currently scheduled, with matches every day except Friday. Nine clubs have two matches scheduled with five of them having two at home and four having two away. Late fixture changes mean Everton no longer have a match in Week #16. This leaves another ten clubs with just one match to play. The first match in Week #16 is now the Saturday lunchtime clash between Wolves and West Brom. This means the selection deadline will be at 11:00 am on Saturday 16th January. There are five matches in total scheduled on Saturday and three more remain on Sunday. Monday night’s match is the last one where both teams are playing their only Week #16 match. There are then two matches on Tuesday and two more on Wednesday before the final match of the Week takes place on Thursday night at Anfield, where Burnley are the visitors. We will be updating our website shortly after the final whistle in that match.

Another Thursday night finish means the next web log will not be available until around midday on Friday 22nd January. We will have the latest updates from the Golden Boot Game and the Medals Table Game as we approach the half way point of the season. We will also be playing our new favourite game: Guess The Fixtures.

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